Which CMS to use?

So, i’m working on my website about technology & science, kind of a blog but it looks more like a real website. NerdyFuture, And although i’m in the early stages of this website. I would like to put it on a CMS so i can add articles daily with no problem after i’m finished.
I would like to be able to add articles to different subjects, so when a person visits a subject he will be able to see all the articles like a preview. I Also want to be able to change content in the carousel easily and of course all the links.
Now i looked into some CMS but which one should be good for this situation?

What server languages do you know, if any? There are great CMS’ for all languages with varying degrees of difficulty and some that are even good for beginners (static site generators or flat file CMS).

Well, i was thinking about using a pre-existing CMS. something like Drupal or Joomla. Should it be better to learn server languages and do it one my own?

No, that’s not what was being suggested. You don’t need to know a server side language to use most CMSes, but it does help give you more control. So if you do have a language you’re familiar with, that can sway your decision. Most CMSes run on PHP anyhow.

There are lots that do what you want, though. A good one is ExpressionEngine, but you have to pay for it it if the site is for commercial uses. Some flat file (no database) ones are worth a look, too, such as Statamic and Kirby.

Of course, there’s always Wordpress, which is arguably the best fit.


You can use Joomla, it is effective for server language.

Drupal would be more than adequate for that.

i believe, wordpress is best for blog websites.

In web world there has lots of framework and CMS ,WordPress is a rock-solid choice. wordpress gives lots of plugins and functionality for creating best and good looking website or blog , There are many things which you can do with a Self hosted WordPress blog, which you can’t do on Blog Spot blog. I think Wordpress is the best for blogging… Thank you

Yes, but if you are a programmer you will never find a more nasty contrary bone headed stupid codebase than Wordpress.

A relatively new CMS to investigate which I believe has been “built on the shoulders of ExpressionEngine”


After reading all your requirements i will tell you to use wordpress because in wordpress you can literally do anything what you like.
And also it is a good cms and already hundred million of sites are there which are using wordpress.

How is that different from any other CMS with an open source code base.

You may use Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, these CMSs are best and there are many sites that are using these CMSs.

Drupal is best for professionals . Magento and Prestashop is best for
those who want to create an Ecommerce website . Joomla may be best for
Templates and WordPress i think should be best for making themes

Hello! I would recommend WordPress as it is user friendly and easy to use.

First of all you need to define your key objectives, then your target audience. After that isolate out some key user journeys you would like to see happen on the site (any interactive things where users type in stuff or click on things). Then work out who will be updating, how often and what expertise they have. Also consider where it might be hosted and on what.That will then start to generate a specification for your site. Following on from that spec you then make a choice about the most suitable CMS and any necessary plugins needed. What you don’t do is listen to some blog post which just says ‘WordPress is best’, ‘Joomla is great’. Horses for courses.

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For me, Joomla would be the be best option for you.

Make sure to say why! Otherwise your comments aren’t very helpful. :slight_smile:

You don’t necessarily have to use just one CMS. If for example you needed a forum and a wiki you could have maybe phpbb for the forum and mediawiki for the wiki and “bridge” them so that for example logging into one logs you into the other

For your requirement i feel joomla is the better option. You can create unlimited nested categories in joomla and start adding articles to relevant categories. You can display the articles either category blog layout ( which shows preview of the articles with read more link) or You can display the articles in category link layout ( which shows list of all the article links in a particular category). I am not familiar with drupal. I have used both joomla and wordpress. I feel joomla is the best choice for your requirement. If you need any help with joomla. I am happy to help you.