Which article submission site to use

Hi there,

I have a series of connected articles (about 10), each with unique content and wanted to post in an article submission site. With all the talk of google panda and alike, I used to use ezine but wasn’t sure if still offers the strength it had before. any thoughts on this? If not ezine, who?

I don’t want to use mass article submission sites, just one quality site.

Well, I think it would be more beneficial to post in 10 article submission sites. That way you get links back to your site from 10 different IP addresses.

Hi, I think eznicearticles.com is still good. But maybe will better if you posted on any blogs, that potential to generate traffic

Try Guest Posting. I haven’t used ezine for months now due to google panda. Ask other site owners with the same niche if you can post articles on their site.

Fair comment. I guess Ezine and others need to go through some significant change before Google sees it as real quality again and gives post google panda rankings.

any update on presss release sites? Have then been brought under the knife of google panda also?

whaddya mean, again ???

article sites have always been, and will always be, filled with crap

their sole raison d’être has been to provide a backlink for “seo” purposes

nobody actually goes to those sites to read the articles


That is not entirely true. I remember stumbling on a lot of ezine articles back in the day. They were helpful, though it is true they helped mostly because they led me to cool websites.

There are many article websites, but i have used ezine, article base, hubpges, buzzle. goarticles etc…

i personally use ezinearticles they have good reputation in the eyes of major search engines however they have very strict duplicate content policy

At this point of time, I would lean away from article marketing. After Panda update article marketing is losing its importance,
Rules of High rankings changed: Surviving Google PANDA update | Keyword Country Blog

I would rather go for blogging, that is more effective for getting backlinks, traffic, exposure and credibility.

I wonder how long before google changes its position on blogs and ends up placing more strength on other forms of information based sites? May sound daft now, but the rate of blogs going up every day, and the number of marketers now using this method, I can’t help but feel that sooner or later google will feel this method has been stuffed and treat that way.

I would go for a few top ones which I believe are:
go article
article dashboard
article ally
article blast

Submitting in just one blog is not good enough you should submit to as many article sites as possible.

Panda: because of panda and to avoid copy content i am submitting one article in just one directory. I am using ezine, goarticles, articlebase and few others alternative.

Also i am submitting more content in some guest blogging sites. As this time, sponsored reviews websites are good for us, to get quality back link from unique content.

I also try to submit one article in one article directory and update blog after Google panda update.

You can pick few good article sites (8-10) and submit the same article in these article directories. Just behave like a simple user who submits the same article in popular article directories. You can also use fast indexing article directories which index easily and come in first page so that most of the users can read your article by searching it from search engines. ideamarketers.com and sooperarticles.com are the fast indexing article websites.

if you have quality article then limit its submission to quality sites only like ezine,goarticles and beside that also prefer submission on blogs like Blogspot, Hubpages, Flixya etc

I would use only two or three article directories. Use Ezinearticle first, then use even Goarticles and ArticleBase, they are the best so far.

Also, don’t forget to market your articles properly (use social bookmarking, feed submission, video sharing, doc sharing and so on…).

Another good directory I’ve used is Searchwarp.

Prefer guest posting at related blogs than Article submission. You can also think about creating PowerPoint slides and publish them on SlideShare etc. Or convert them into Videos and publish @Youtube,vimeo.

Finally, if the articles are very good and engaging, why don’t you publish them in your own blog?