Post articles to ezine or to my site?


I currently have about 20 articles on my site. Now Im not sure wheather to submit new articles to my site or to ezine. What reaps the most reward? Im guessing there is no definite answer but i was wandering if someone would care to share their opinion on the subject.

Also, there are several article on my site which i feel dont really fit in. Can i simply remove these articles and submit them to ezine. Would there be any duplicate content issues?

Your sugguestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posting on article websites has little reward, so if your articles are of decent quality and people will want to view them then I would definitely host them on your own website.

Most of these article repositories reap the benefits of free articles, and return nothing to those who contribute.

I’d say to post your good copy on your site, and spin the article and add it to the main article directories. No doubt having the content both on your site and on the article directories is better than just going for the either/or option

ok. Thanks. i was under the impression that links from ezine were good quality links. Perhaps i am wrong. While i am on the subject, I have an old site which is sitting around doing nothing. It does have a page rank of 2 but the current content on the site is completely unrelated. However, do you think it is better to post on this site with a link back as opposed to ezine?

I suggest posting them to ezine first and after that to your website. Why? Because if you are posting them to your website first it will take some days until you get them indexed, but posting to ezine with a link : Read more on… i can say that you will have instant traffic

thats an interesting point. i may give that a try. thanks :slight_smile: