Where is a good place to buy an SSL certificate for New domain?

Hi friends

Anybody suggested good ssl provider my new domain

If you can hold out until a bit later, there’s this:

If not… Comodo, GeoTrust, DigiCert? Just shop around. Make sure you keep in mind

  • How many domains you need secured (just one?)
  • Subdomains?
  • Length you want to buy for
  • What type of certificate

Don’t buy any certificate encrypted with SHA-1 if they’re still selling them. Those are already reporting insecure in some browsers, and will be rejected by some as early as next year.

I agree with @jeffreylees, first you need to evaluate your business requirements before buying an SSL certificate.

If your requirement is securing single domain, then you have three options.

Standard SSL Certificate - Ideal for newbies and start ups who has limited budget for security.

Organization Validation Certificate – Best solution for small and medium level businesses.

EV SSL Certificate – most recommended for online shopping, financial, banking and social media websites. It highlights security indication with the green address bar which helps to detect phishing websites.

Do you need to secure your site and its sub domains? Then, Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure unlimited numbers of sub domains.

If you want to secure multiple websites to manage your international business. Then, You should go with SAN SSL certificate that can secure your multiple domain names with a single certificate.

To buy an SSL certificate, I recommend - https://www.ssl2buy.com (no affiliation)

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