Which is a cheap alternative to Verisign?

I have a client who wants to sell her products online.
Currently she is going to process off line orders but there of course still the need for an SSL certificate.

She can’t not really afford a certificate from VErisign or thawate. What is everyone’s thought’s on a really good SSL certificate that cheap and secure.
I’ve had a look at instant SSL and am not convinced.


Hi, I found these on altavista:



have you seen thawte.com ???

You also might check out www.ev1servers.net for a Geotrust or StarterSSL cert

Godaddy.com offers inexpensive certs through starfieldtech.com.
I paid $30 per year for a couple recently.

Ok, but what about e.g. 2Checkout or Moneybookers

Check out CompleteSSL (http://www.completessl.com) - they are very fast, affordable and have worked out great for merchants of ours who have used them.

I have used both InstantSSL (www.instantssl.com) and GeoTrust from EV1 (www.ev1servers.net). They both work well and are inexpensive.

Check out GoDaddy.com. - $30 per year.

Also take a look at eMax Hosting - $49, StarterSSL is an ideal solution for securing websites conducting lite to medium levels of ecommerce.

:tup: These are reliable companies and provides good support.

https://spn111704.usafreemerchantsource.com/ `what about this

Aside from looking like an affiliate link it isn’t even an company selling SSL Certificates. That is what they are looking for an alternative to, not credit card processing.

Check SSL.com out at www.ssl.com. They carry all the major SSL brands including Verisign, Geotrust, InstantSSL, etc. You can buy all these brands from one interface and manage them from there.

You can also go to the SSL forums at forums.ssl.com for community support. :eye:

eNom.com is offering some cheap SSL for $10/yr

You could find a merchant provider that can re-sell Authorize.NET and negotiate some pricing with them. Or even Verisign for that matter.

you can get good prices at http://www.geossl.com

they offer geotrust and rapidssl certificates

You could also have your client process her orders online with an inexpensive gateway solution and use the gateway’s SSL certificate for the order acceptance - saving the cost and need for an SSL cert as well.

Just an option to consider!