Best SSL certificate service out there?

I’m going to launch a service that will need some security.
What is the best SSL certificate service out there ?

I’m tempted to use the one provided by
Any opinions ?

I’ve used namecheap before…pricing is good…have had no problems.

i would highly recommend VeriSign / Symatec since they’re used by almost all prominent websites out there such as facebook, amazon and ebay for example… but other SSL providers should do the job as well…

Hi Marcel

What do you need to achieve? Is it just encryption or do you need to instil trust in order to encourage your customers to buy from you?



Just encryption when they post and receive data.
I won’t be asking for their credit cards data or other financial data.

Then a low cost solution would be a RapidSSL or equivalent. They are owned by one of the major players but are a low cost cert that is issued quickly.

Hi marcel,

To choose right SSL for your website is very important decision, if you are using site with multiple domain than you can go for the Multi domain SSL certificate, if your site has sub domains than you can go for the Wildcard SSL certificate, to secure your site as well as sub domains. Or you can go for the Standard SSL Certificate for you website like RapidSSL certificate, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, or Thawte SSL123. By choosing right SSL you can improve your visitors web experience with trust and confidence, also you can select the EV SSL which shows green address or any SSL which is come with Trust Site Seal by site seal and Green address bar you can gain your customer’s trust and confidence and your visitors feel free to share the personal data with your site.

Go to for best SSL certificate.

What makes their fries better than everyone else’s burger?

It is very important to know which types of services you will be offering and what type of security solution you are looking for?
Do you want to secure multiple sub-domains? multiple websites or single domain? do you need anti-malware scan?

kindly answers all these question, i can accordingly suggest best SSL product that suits your requirements.