Where I can get a best web hosting company for my website hosting?

I’m looking for hosting for a website exactly, and bit confuse which and which basis I’ll choose a best web hosting company?

You should first establish your needs. While most hosts can cater to most needs people, your needs may be special in some way.

For example, I see that you’re located in UAE. If your audience is located in that area, it may make sense to optimize the page load times for you main group of visitors and find a host with servers located relatively close. On the other hand, US based hosting is often very cost effective, and the trade-off may be worth it for you if the budget is a serious limitation.

Or maybe your site is ASP.NET based, in which case you need to find a Windows based host. There’s no lack of such providers, but Linux based hosting is much more prevalent due to lower costs.

So, if people are to make specific recommendations, it’s probably best to give a few details about your needs.

I recommend you don’t believe are review your read on the net. Many are directly or indirectly paid for, and try to sell more than they try to inform you. In my experience, larger webmaster and hosting forums tend to do a fair job at weeding out the fake reviews.

1.Check out the prices of various reviews sites. You can some ideas about the reputation of the company.Check out if they can provide good tech support.
2.Check out how many years they are in this field.
3.Don’t believe any commercial web host that advertises “unlimited bandwidth”. The host has to pay for the bandwidth, and if you consume a lot of it, they will not silently bear your costs.
4.Not only should the web host be reliable and fast, it should guarantee its uptime.

You have seen that many people face problems even with hostgator and godaddy. Technical problems are almost with every webhosting companies, although it is upon the technical support person how they solve the issues. I recommend hostrightnow hosting services. They offer affordable and best webhosting services.

Although, before you choose any webhosting company, I would suggest you to make your wishlist, so that you can talk without any problems with sales support executives.

Best of luck

Definitely figure out what you expect to need from your webhost (support level, features, bonuses, bandwith, price). A good place to start is with Hostgator or GoDaddy, they are two very well known web hosts and when I was first starting out I found them the easiest to get into (if you are new to the whole websites/web hosting). From my few years though I then had a better understanding of my needs and was able to shop around.

GODADDY is good.

you can use godaddy or hostgater these are the best. but you have to see which one of them full fill your needs

  1. Location
  2. Requirement
  3. Price
  4. Support (Read reviews)

This will be the the things that you should look into.

Best web hosting is subjective. From my standpoint, I chose my provider on location (North America) and price/stability/support.
I tried them out for a month and decided everything just felt right. The shared hosting plan I was on at first was cheap, had great uptime, and customer service was eager to help me out.

Personally, I’m with HostGator and I’ve never encountered a problem with their service. They offer live chat as well so if you have a question or two, you can easily contact them with instant, quality service.

Dan (ldcdc) gave the best advice: Assess what you believe are your needs then search for those features from all hosts. Some will rule themselves out by the lack of specified features (for me, I require Linux, Apache 2.2+ with mod_rewrite enabled, PHP 5+, MySQL5+, secure server certs which require dedicated IP addresses) for each one and sufficient storage and bandwidth (my WebHostingBuzz shared account exceeds 150Gb/mo and archives mp3 radio programs which require massive storage).

If you have special requirements, look for “Specialist Hosting” which can provide tailored accounts for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. One of my WHB accounts is for a client of mine whose Joomla requirements needed more resources than I could provide from my VPS so WHB’s Specialist Hosting (Joomla account) fit the bill nicely.

Once you have a shortlist of hosts when acceptable costs, search for each one and see what others have to say (NOT review sites - as mentioned above, a lot of those are reviews BY the host or paid reviews). Make your own assessment based on the best information available THEN make your decision.

As for me, I have three hosting accounts: Two with WebHostingBuzz and one with modVPS. I can recommend both but the ZERO problems with WHB over several years has been incredible.



bluehost.com is better…they are so helpful.

i Think That the Host Gator is one of the best hosting service providers and its really cheap and affordable me also host a multimedia site on their servers its perfect check it out there specs is

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I have just moved over to VIDAHOST from 1AND1 and now waiting for a DNS propagation. I am hoping to get more exposure on Google as I have now moved from Germany Location to UK hosting and hope this helps me.