Where can I practice my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

I know this may be a bit of a hackneyed topic, but still. I need help as a newbie. What are some really useful courses that are worth the money spent?

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I started with https://www.w3schools.com, which is a good way to start. Their code may be somewhat outdated, but as a starting point it is good enough.

Or you can use https://www.freecodecamp.org courses. Their forum are utmost helpful to beginners.


Thanks a lot!

You can learn from many online websites on Google. You’ll get basic idea and even practice questions also that will help you to transform from beginner to pro. But from wherever you learn don’t just remember or read it but also practice it again and again. Only applying it practically can give you a clear concept of what you are learning. If you still get stuck and can’t find the answer there you can take help from YouTube. You’ll get the better practical knowledge. You can also try HTML, CSS, and JavaScript books.

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I think the point of the OP’s question is to get recommendations of reputable sites and courses. You’re quite right that there is no shortage of information available if you simply search, but much of that contains outdated advice or bad coding practices. The problem for a beginner or somebody with limited experience is that you don’t know enough to know whether you are learning good or bad coding practices.


These appear to be reputable online sites:


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And, of course, there is always SitePoint Premium:


I suggest that Coursera must have some courses to help you.

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I’ve took a course on Codeacademy, definitely recommend this resource.