Feeling lost- which course or book should I start with? Please help me

Dear esteemed board members,

I want to learn front end development.It’s not for job or anything. I’m very much interested to learn making beautiful websites and App interfaces. After much googling and reading on Quora I’ve decided on the following sequence -

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. jQuery
  4. Javascript
  5. After that I can progress to some advanced topics like frameworks & libraries (I’ve no idea what they are at the moment) etc.

Some of my friends recommended me to take Sitepoint membership and learn from the vast collection of books and courses. So, I got a membership here.

But I’m feeling at sea now. There are so many courses and books on these topics here. I’m finding it difficult to decide about - Where should i start?

Can you please help me find a short and sure path? TIA

P.S- Please review my sequence and suggest if I’ve decided on the correct skills.

I think you are mostly on the right path with the exception of learning jQuery. I would focus on learning JavaScript rather then jQuery when you reach that point. To begin with though HTML and CSS is paramount to everything else. The below book is probably a good place to begin your HTML education.

Once you complete that book you can start to look into the HTML5 jump start books.


From there you can move onto intermediate and advanced CSS since those books will introduce you to some fairly basic css concepts. I think the first one does I’m not so sure about the jump start books since they are after my time.


Thanks @ZooKeeper for helping me out. I’ll do as you suggested.

This forum is a very happening place. But I’m finding most of the questions beyond me. Guess, that’s because I’m a noob. I’ll try to learn fast, learn well. So that I can contribute more here.


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