Good JS course for intermediate students?


Where could I find a good – free or not too expensive – online JS course for intermediate students? I did the beginners course on the W3 Schools website, plus the DHTML ‘course’, and passed the test with good grades, but cannot find a good sequel. I know there are some sticky threads on JS resources, but they contain such a lot of links and book titles that I still don’t know which to continue with. (A good book recommendation will do as well.)

It is important that it picks up where the W3 Schools course left us, and that it is more or less a real course.

Thanks in advance.

SitePoint has a pretty good JavaScript set of videos at Learnable, one of which is [url=“”]JavaScript Programming for the Web

That could be worth checking out.

That looks great, Paul! Thanks again. I could probably skip the first few lessons, since I’ve already written a couple of DHTML scripts myself, but later on it gets interesting, according to the Course Outline.

Now that we’re ‘chatting’ anyway, what would you recommend after that? I’m guessing I’d just need a couple of days to get through that whole course, and I will probably be interested to learn more.

The first thing you need to do is to un-learn all the antiquated 20th Century JavaScript that w3schools teach. You have made learning proper modern JavaScript slightly harder for yourself by learning how to write it for IE3 and Netscape 3 rather than learning how to write it for modern browsers.

I’ll second Paul’s vote that the videos at Learnable are a far better way to learn JavaScript than at a site that hasn’t been updated in a long time (the w3schools site is the personal site of just two guys and there is so much on it they couldn’t possibly hope to keep it up to date).


Could you point out a few important antiquated JS codings on W3 Schools? That would save me a lot of searching and comparing, hopefully.

Thanks in advance.

It’s got so bad at w3schools that there is a W3Fools web site dedicated to the problems.
Here’s their section on JavaScript issues at w3schools.


I’d rather not go into that, but would like to hear from you what you would advise to do after the Learnable course.

After that I suggest that you put what you have learned in to practice. Only by doing that will you come to understand what you already know, and realise which areas of knowledge that you need to build on.

You can investigate our of Useful Tips & Tricks, there’s a large range of [url=“”]JavaScript books that focus on different areas, and our [url=“”]Links & Resources section has good material to check out too.

What would we say to creating (simple) cross-browser addEvent/removeEvent functions? That was the first time I really felt like I knew what I was doing in JavaScript. Depending on how many discrepancies you tried to fix, that could be a decent intermediate project, no?

What would we say to creating (simple) cross-browser addEvent/removeEvent functions?

This whole eventListening thing, or how IE calls it, is indeed interesting if you want to add events to a whole series of elements. At the same time, however, if you look at this example (JS is at the bottom of the source code), how could that have made life easier?