Good way to learn javascript?

First of: I HATE books, nothing goes into my head just reading pages up and down.

I learn best by “learn by doing”, but I don’t know what may be a realistic first “project”. I really want to learn Javascript well.

Atm i use jQuery, but not on a high lvl, not like I can build a plugin or something, it’s more on the lvl of, “addClass”, “removeClass”, slideToggle etc coupled with some if/else conditionals here and there.

Is there any GOOD online courses with exercises that actually is similar to things you might have to do “IRL”.

I am good at design, css, html, sass/less, responsive design, decent at wordpress etc but I feel i cannot call myself frontend developer without beeing good at JS.

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There is JavaScript Programming for the Web on Learnable
Or, you might want to give Code School a try.

I learn better from books, so can’t really speak as to the effectiveness of either of these (although Kevin Yank certainly knows his stuff).

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Thanks for the tips, will try the course on Learnable=) is always a good place to start as well. It’s interactive tutorials that will take you through most of the basic stuff.


I can personally vouch for codecademy. Not just Javascript either. I’ve cmopleted Javascript/PHP/Ruby…each about 3 times. They are perfect and walk you through everything.

Not everything is real life situation but it gives you everything you need pretty much to getstarted. I wish there was a followup for this though for more advanced stuff like event listeners and what not.


Learnable and CodeSchool are also both pretty good. I think CodeSchool has a few interactive parts here and there, but I’m not sure.

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While Javascript is suitable for a first language, keep in mind that it is fundamentally different from nearly every other language out there since it features what is known as prototypical inheritance.

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My best friend spent 1-2 hours on CodeAcademy and Learnable a day plus weekends for about couple of months and got to the point where I was able to send him some paid work. And he’s the same way…in fact, the only books he reads are scratch and sniff

He did the one on vanilla JavaScript first, followed by the one on jQuery

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SitePoint have a new book out called Javascript Novice To Ninja by Darren Jones, available via Learnable, I believe the print version is released later this month. @James_Hibbard have you done that Javascript course? If you have how much time would you say to allow for doing each lesson?

Nope. I read the old Novice to Ninja book in 2009 or so, but I don’t really do courses. I much prefer books.
I would also imagine that the time you need for such a course depends on a number of factors, including your prior programming experience.

One of the SitePoint Christmas Sales includes the ebook by Darren Jones:
Might be worth looking into. The page says it ends in 7 hours I think, but i think you can still do the deal after it closes.

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