Online opportunities for learning HTML & CSS

I am looking for the opportunities for learning HTML online. Are there any better sources available for learning html. I have least knowledge about html and css, so basically I am a newbie in this field. Help me finding some better opportunities from where I can learn…

W3C School is good

Learnable is good although you have to pay for it.

I recommend Learnable as well. It offers courses, which you also get teachers assistants helping you along the way if you get stuck.

I believe they are also running a 30 day trial for 1 dollar. I’d recommend you try it out and do some courses.

There is also Code Academy. has many video tutorials that would definitely be worth your while. There’s also

I (still) highly highly recommend the Mozilla learn page, which collects learning resources such as CodeCademy and other greats, and groups them by “introductory,” “intermediate,” and “advanced.”

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