What's the best junk food?

Hot bownies, with vanilla ice cream

Thanks for the input guys… but we don’t resurrect old threads… furthermore when they’re from 20081 :smiley:

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My husband says Cheetos. But personally, I love the cheese and sour cream flavored potato chips.

McDonald’s double cheeseburger :slight_smile:

Pot Noodle :stuck_out_tongue:

Pizza. Assuming it is junk food.

It is the big of big called “Big Mac” :slight_smile:

definitely chocolate


Pizza :slight_smile:



Chocolate and Potato chips!:wink:

The Whopper

Pizza, burger and ice cream…

I go for pizza and ice cream. You can’t beat it. potato ships are an all time snack though.

Meat pie with tomato sauce

With extra cheese!
and extra pepperoni!

Chocolate and sausage

Pizza, shaorma, ice cream, french fries, etc…almost all of many junk food are too damn tasty:D