What are you eating RIGHT NOW !?

eating daal makhani biryani

sheesh…i thought you were angry or surprised over something lol

eating (unfortunately) cheeseburger from McD’s…

I just eat a hamburge, and a egg, and a bottle of milk, yes, that’s all, but why you asked this question, i think it is meanless for asking.

my fist :-/

…noodles :slight_smile:


Egg and cheese biscuit from McDonald’s… :S

Cream cheese bagel… YUM!

I’m eating sliced of pizza from Pizza Hut with ice cold chocolate, so yummy this will be dinner already.

Ham and cheese on wheat bread, with mayo and mustard! :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]What am I eating RIGHT NOW !!! ??

Some hops and cheese.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Better yours that someone else’s.


oh dear…:shifty:

Ah… must be a British expression…lost in translation

Pani Puri …

just had strawberry and cream ice cream

Hamburger with mushroom and cheese… yum yum… :smiley:

a lollipop… I like lollipop or any candy that can make someone look cute when they have it, something like cotton candy, or jawbreaker, the only problem is, I ain’t cute… lol

Right now just a plain water that is with me, I’m on a diet.

Just tried one of them new McDonald’s 1/3rd lb burgers. Tasty, but not as good as a double quarter.