I need a new snack idea

My go to snack has been apples and cheese for as long as I can remember.
I need to mix it up a bit. What do you guys grab when you need a really quick snack?
It has to be a balance of carbs and protein.

Celery and peanut butter
Trail mix

crackers and cheese?
granola bars?

Brown bread, banana and strawberry jam is my favorite.

I’m afraid I don’t do healthy snack… Yougourt or fruit when I do. But I don’t mix them, I take one or the other.

Oh, well, sometimes I do eat a “montadito” which is basically a small sandwich made of french bread and anything in between. My favourite being loin and tomato

oatcakes and cheese/peanut butter/hummous

hummous on toast

homemade lentil & nut paste on oatcakes/toast/bread/crackers (only quick if you found time to make it in advance, of course. ;))


trail mix

runner’s energy bars or protein bars

raisins and almonds works for me

I’m allergic to bananas :frowning:


I think it was a typo for “lion”.
What, you’ve never had a lion and tomato sandwich? You’ll be telling me next that you haven’t eaten an albatross egg omelette either…

I thought it must have been lion but I was surprised because that’s quite a weird combo with tomato.

[font=calibri]I know some people prefer it with lettuce and mayo, but that’s just personal preference.

And although it’s often suggested that lion meat should be cooked thoroughly, I prefer to eat mine roar.[/font]

Have you no pride?

Very little. Of course, although you can have lion as a snack, it’s better as a mane course.

It is what I’ve seen it transalated into… in Spanish is “lomo con tomate”… and if I want to be more precise, “lomo adobado con tomate”

It seems that the translation of “lomo adobado” is “[COLOR=#000000][FONT=lucida grande]pickled loin”


Basically is a fillet from the back of the pork. And with french bread and tomato is delicious. Or with fried green (bell?) peppers

Montadito of Spanish ham and tomato with a bit of olive oil is delicious too :smiley:

multigrain ryvita with a spread of hummus, spring onions, tomato and cucumber.

Would advice to eat it away from your computer as it can be a little messy but tastes so good :slight_smile: :cool: