What's your favorite snack?

So what’s your favorite snack?

I don’t have any fovorite but i do love ice cream and chocolate.

this summer i have also been eating a lot of Honey - i eat it with a spoon, right from the box, and i have been eating several boxes now :lol:

do you have a favorite snack ?

I like everything. But seeing what I eat most, it’s gotta be cookies.

Cookies and Kit Kats. But I have about 3 milkshakes a week (from Chic-fil-A). I am too about 20 pounds under my suggested weight. With all the shakes that I drink, I have gained about 1 pound the last year!

Ken you sound like a big fuzzy bear feasting on honey to fatten up for the winter months :smiley:

Back to the question - Well about 3 months ago I changed my diet so right now I’m only really having protein shakes and my dinner so there are no snacks for me - sometimes I might treat myself to a hard boiled egg :shifty: partayyy :rolleyes:

@Allan - I do sympathise with your weight issue - I know people who are underweight and they have major problems with how they feel about themselves and find it hard to put the weight on no matter what they eat :injured: it’s not about how we all look, it’s about how we feel …so who cares what you weigh as long as you’re happy with yourself and you’re in good health that’s all that matters :slight_smile:

I love yogurt, frozen or just cold. I also make popcorn with butter and salt, a nice piece of fruit like a peach or an orange, a piece of chocolate, a chunk of cheese with some bread I make. A nice cold smoothy fills the afternoon craving too. Sometimes I eat a big half sour pickle as a snack. Or a big spoon full of peanut butter and a banana.

I snack on nuts pretty much all day long. All kinds, but not huge amounts.

Hand-sliced biltong. Straight from the butcher/deli. None of this shrink-wrapped stuff. :slight_smile:

I don’t usually have much of a sweet tooth. But oil and salt is another story.
eg. Potato Chips - Love them! Buttery Popcorn - yumm! Bacon and Eggs - you bet!

Ironically I weigh only 120 pounds so I need all the calories I can get. But I never get any sympathy for my under-weight problem from others :frowning:

Unfortunately, I like everything from ice cream to candy bars, need an energy boost at work. But I think my favorite are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They taste great.

I love cookies, in fact I have ate 99% of all the cookies I see on the store shelve where in the country I live in. There is only 1% I haven’t try and I know exactly which one they are and I haven’t bought them because mostly there never on sale :slight_smile:

I will admit nothing can make you want veggies more then if you’ve ate to many cookies, personal experience :slight_smile:

crispy crunch chocolate baR

French fries, but the heat is too high, I had to worry about getting more fat

My favorite snacks are potato chips and tortillos.

My favorite is icecream.

I like Pizza.

Hmmm for snacking? I used to be a heavy eater of Doritos Tangy Cheese crisps and Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps too - I haven’t had any crisps for around 2 weeks now! :smiley: Big thing for me because I used to eat around 5 - 8 bags of crisp a day! :open_mouth:

Now I enjoy snacking on crackers with some slices of cheese on top, sometimes ham, and often lately toast. I usually have tinned fish as a snack too, although it can fill me up as though it was a meal!

Andrew Cooper

Snack foods are my favourite, how could I just single out one!?

I’ve been trying to kick my habit though. A packet of bsicuits a day can’t be good for you!

I just don’t like “family dinners”, where a bunch of relatives get together and pretend to like each other. The hypocrisy, the mind games, the drama; I don’t understand that and hate it with passion.


I’m coming home for Christmas’…snack ?

Not in this hemisphere. And not all beaches have sand.