Whats app data synchronization from mobile to desktop

What technology is involved when WhatsApp synchronizes data from mobile to its web. WhatsApp.com.

I found some answers on the Internet and got this one:

All WhatsApp data from your phone is accessed through a live uplink on WhatsApp servers which syncs all the data between web & app interfaces.

But that also doesn’t explain the logic, technology, and procedure involved.

The information that you access using WhatsApp’s web interface is really kept on your mobile device and then synchronised with the web interface by WhatsApp servers. Several distinct technologies and methods are used in the synchronisation process:

WhatsApp employs end-to-end encryption to make sure that your messages and other data are shielded from hacking and interception. This means that before being sent to WhatsApp servers, all data is encrypted on your device and then decrypted on the recipient’s device.

WebSocket protocol: WhatsApp creates a stable connection between your mobile device and the web interface using the WebSocket protocol. This makes it possible for the data on the two interfaces to be synchronised in real time.

WhatsApp Web API: WhatsApp offers an API that enables data access through the web interface.
Overall, the synchronization process involves a complex combination of encryption, network protocols, APIs, and other technologies. The end result is a seamless and secure experience that allows you to access your WhatsApp data from both your mobile device and the web.

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Open WhatsApp on your device, and select Connected Devices from the three-dot menu () in the top-right corner. When your phone is pointed at the QR code on the desktop or laptop screen, tap the Connect a Device button. Your WhatsApp chats start to load on your computer when you’ve completed that.

That doesn’t answer the OP question which is what technology is being utilized.

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WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

web interface using the WebSocket protocol. This makes it possible for the data on the two interfaces to be synchronized in real-time