HTML Code - How to Send Whatsapp using Entered Mobile Number in my website

For Eg:
A is “
B is “9999999999”(whatsapp mobile number- typing different customer number )

i wanted to create URL in html which takes the entered mobile number and redirects to that particular numbers

Output Needed URL is A+B = SEND BUTTON


i can use this output in form and website whereever needed, i can type my customers mobile number and send whatsapp using whatsappweb or app in mobile by redirection

can any one help me

I’m not entirely clear on what A and B stand for. If you just want to create a link to a WhatsApp account, a format you can use is (a number in international format). You can also tack a message on the end, like so:

There’s info about it here.

I needed a typing box to enter mobile number, which I will enter different mobile numbers of customers separately , this is B part , On clicking send , it should combine both A+B and create a hyperlink button and open the combined url in new tab

So that I can connect with my new customer without saving there contact number instantly

Sounds like you need some kind of script to handle this — like PHP on the backend, or maybe JS. Are you familiar with either of those?

Do you want to store the mobile number somewhere (e.g. a database) or do you just want to generate a button dynamically for immediate use?

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