Link to whatsapp to start a chat with support

In the past I created a link on a website (when being shown on a small display) allowing sharing a content thru whatsapp.
One of my client would like a link allowing visitors to his website to contact his support staff thru whatsapp. I tried several ways but could not find the correct syntax, if existing, for a href allowing this type of action. Googling around didn’t give any result. Keep in mind I am not inside an apps, I want to do that from a website (when being shown on a small display). Or should I go another way for this ?

If have looked around and I cannot seem to find a way to what you are looking to do.

So i as far as I know you want to make a whatsapp share that shares text to a new contact.
But you aren’t able to share to new contacts as far as I know.

You would have to go to WhatsApp website to know if they’ve created an API for starters. I don’t think that they did but haven’t checked. If WhatsApp themselves haven’t created an API for this, it is going to be nearly impossible.

Of course, you might be able to open a web window with WhatsApp on it, I don’t know, the same way WhatsApp do it… but not with a specific contact which is not in the list of contacts of whoever opens it.

On Whatsapp website no sign of an official API so I guess what I want to do is not available now.

I’m afraid that’s what it means

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