WhatsApp Web: What kind of images shows in this "update" function?

I’m sorry as I suppose this is royally off-topic. But have been searching high and low without finding an explanation so I’m taking a long shot now, hoping there’s a few WhatsApp savvies ut there…

I’m pretty new to WhatsApp and I use the webb version. There’s an update icon in the top menu. Clicking that, I can see a few updates (images, clips, but never pure text messages) from a few contacts.

Thing is that I have never recieved these images or clips from them. So how come I can see them? What’s more: how can I be sure that images or clips I sent to someone doesn’t show up when other people do the same and look at MY updates in their WhatsApp?

I have to upset you. WhatsApp is unreliable messengers. All your information can be shared with the public if necessary. Try using a signal. It’s a secure messenger.

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