What to do?

Hey All,

I need some advice from web guru’s like yourselves. I will try to keep this as brief as possible.

I work as a graphic designer, only know HTML & CSS. I work on the company websites when things are slow. Built 2 matching websites for different products and am working on the main website now.

It’s been a long process so now wordpress 5.0+ is out and gutenburg. The sites were built with Visual Composer and break when I go to upgrade wordpress.

So do I, get something like beaver builder to fix my sites and build a new site? Do I revert the two existing sites back to pre-5.0 and build the new one the old way as well? All I know is gutenburg doesn’t even have padding options and visual composer is slow and outdated. What to do? Any suggestions?

Thank you,

I had a fright when I logged into a Wordpress site the other day as I had and still have no idea about “gutenburg” and thought it was corrupted.

I found a plugin which allows Wordpress bakery to work again until 2023?

Here is an instruction how to disable the new Guteberg plugin delivered with WP 5 and get back to the cclassic editor:

Or maybe try the “disable Gutenberg” plugin mentioned in the article?

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