Your thoughts on Wordpress 5.0 or am I asking a difficult question?

I haven’t worked with Wordpress in a year or so. My career now is focused on non-web development objectives. None the less I have years of experience and I am aware about what their objectives were with 5.0. What are your thoughts?

Mine are not positive. It feels like it jumped the shark at a UX level.

I quite frankly have decided to pull away from Wordpress rather than learn to develop custom themes that use the Gutenberg Editor. At this stage I’m not even interested in learning about it.


That is one issue that crossed my mind. I’m not against supporting Gutenberg IF it seemed any good. It doesn’t. It’s UX seems completely flawed. Maybe it will improve but it’s not there now.

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An accessibility (with usability notes) on Gutenberg will be released soonish. I would say March.

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