Don't have "editor" in the wp-admin area "appearance" section

Hello all.
I seem to have lost the “editor” option from the admin section that can usually be found in the “appearance” section.
I have the style.css. function.php index.php, etc.
I can work around it but it’d be nice to get it back.
How do I do that?

Certain security plugins can disable this feature intentionally as a security precaution.

Do you have any security plugins installed?

good morning ForceFlow!
Nope if it does it was inadvertent on my end. As i didn’t even consider putting it there.
And this is on my local sandbox.
The live site has the feature.

What version of wordpress are you using? What plugins do you have installed?

latest update, both on sandbox & live (3.5.2 i think?) no plug ins.
only diff I think I have a multi site on my sandbox. But I also set a multi one on my work laptop w/no issues there.

If it’s just your dev environment, I’d say download and unzip wordpress right on top of your existing installation. That should take care of any core files that have been changed or corrupted.

This will also overwrite the bundled default theme, so if you made any modifications to it, you will need to back it up before doing this.

Ok Force thank you! (I just updated to the newest wp surprised that didn’t do it) will do as you suggest soon as this project is over :slight_smile: