What retweeting?


Every one very well know twitter it’s very popular website for social networking…Maximum gays saying that twitter is gives high traffic at your website with relevant visitors…is this right ?? and some people says if you will do retweeting then get more visitor but whenever i started retweeting then can not get any effect my following/followers/website traffic so can you any one tall us that where we can check effect of retweeting…

what is the difference between followers and following?. Always which we should try more following/followers.:cool:

It sounds like you haven’t really explored how twitter works which is probably why it isn’t working for you.

Followers is who follows you. Following is who you follow. If all you do is follow people with no followers than there’s no one to see your tweets.

As far as your main question, retweeting is a way of sharing information you find useful and having others share yours. If you retweet something it may help show value or content to your followers and they may retweet it again putting your name into the stream so more people see and follow you but that’s not traffic. Traffic comes from posting something which your followers see, retweet and others see and click to. It’s a network effect… the more good content you post that people share the more it gets out there and drives traffic. But twitter doesn’t work if you just focus on pushing out links; you need to establish value, create relationships and share content that is of interest both with and without links to build enough following to influence.

Few people find twitter to be a pure traffic driver but it can be very useful at establishing brand visibility, building up a group of advocates, positive content and yes, driving sales or visits to select items.

you means if i will tweet post without any link then i will get good response from twitter.com

No. I mean you should provide useful content, share the good content others posted and build your network.

Hello neeruneraj,

I have not a lot knowledge but i have search about your question but i am be able to find the definition of retweet. that is this:
retweet on the other hand means that When someone re-tweets you, they are giving you the highest compliment you can get on Twitter by sharing your post or what you said with their own followers or contacts.
appreciate me if i am going right,


If you are using tweetmeme, you can monitor the number of tweets and retweet. If A tweets your website to his three followers, B, C and D, and only D retweet to his followers, you have 1 tweet and 1 retweet.

That’s debatable. Isn’t it more valuable to have people actually discussing, rather than just throwing links around?

Very good point. Some people RT just to post content too.

That said and RT can be very flattering and can comment too (you can RT and insert your own thoughts if there’s room)

Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be retweeted. But I actually find it nicer to see others passing something along in their own words.

Re tweeting (RT) is a process that helps to share Twitter users to share the best links, tweets, and gems they find from others using the service offered.

Re teeting means when you tried to tweet some post which already has been tweet once by somebody else…its like same post or article get tweeted by many person.

You can post other post in your posting using retweet options, it will make your followers let know about that link.