Twitter and LinkedIn

Do Twitter and LinkedIn improve traffic of your website? If so, which one brings more traffic? Does it worth your time to follow and get followed as much as you can?


although to be honest, the change in traffic is often from insignificant to insignificant plus infinitessimal

whichever one you have managed to amass the most relationships in, where the relationships are people who know you

no, it doesn’t

I have come across here for a new site : linkedin, i have heard about twitter but this is very new for me. I would like to give it try.

With social networks, you get about as much out of them as you put in… if you are a regular contributor, use the service for what it’s there for, offer something useful, don’t spam and give your visitors some feeling of being involved, you can make them work for your business in customer relations, marketing (to a basic extent) and brand awareness. If you just use the services to post your own links and update them rarely, you won’t see any quality results :slight_smile:

These are the good way to promote the products

as per traffic i get some from twitter, hardly any from linked in. however linked got very targeted audience, if used right you can get lot of business.

no i think you can’t get huge number of traffic.

Twitter is better IMO, For twitter I would like to suggest, you should follow back those follow you and unfollow those who don’t follow you because following those who do not follow does not make much sense.

I’ve seen great results through both Twitter and LinkedIn, but your first look should be at your audience.

LinkedIn users are all generally within some line of business/industry, and Twitter users come from a plethora of networks - teenagers, businesses, musicians, etc.

What audience are you trying to capture and move on from there. LinkedIn will be great for B2B relationships, and if you use Twitter’s Search Tool (or even through Google’s new real time search) you can find the users that Tweet about similar interests that you have and go from there.

Another important thing to note is that you shouldn’t “sell” to your audience in Social Networks - just build a trustful relationship.


Watch out for the serial retweeters !!

I’ve just had a mini cull on my twitter (ongoing cos i got bored un-following) purely because i’d managed to obtain a group of people to follow that were retweeting the same links constantly … a right royal PITA if you actually , like i do bother to try to read the tweets !!


ok i wanted to post a link here but i cant cos im too new so you’ll have to add the 3w’s at the beginning yourselves …

““TwittGeek makes following targeted Twitter users easy. There are many different uses for TwittGeek, here are just a few ways that our users take advantage of our service on a daily basis.””

twittgeek_dot_com :wink:


Beyond that, why would you want random traffic? Hits are one thing. Customers are another. Getting targeted traffic is a much better use of your time than standing on the internet street corner handing out flyers to whoever passes by.

I know getting targeted traffic is a much better, but how to increase targetted traffic? What are the best ways to do so?

Yes I get traffic from twitter, need to have good amount of followers.


the aforementioned twittgeek lets you search for people by keyword, up to 150 new people to follow a day …


Twitter is really very effective to carry visitors and linkedin not so much well SEO is a collective effort so don’t leave anything…

Rainbow, how should your users trust you to give you their twitter password for your service?

I’m not asking anyone to give me their password that site isnt mine its an independant application but one that i have used with no issues