What point I should Consider before buying any reseller account?

Actually I plan to start reseller hosting business, I already few clients, who ready to buy hosting from me. Can anyone suggest me what points should I consider, to chose hosting provider apart from money and space. Most of the reseller hosting plan provide unlimited space, database. I got very little difference in features of different reseller account .Please guide me.


I would highly recommend staying away from unlimited reseller plans as that is very risky for both your host and your customers. Usually a server that is full of people who think they can use an unlimited amount of space will cause allot of problems. That certainly includes downtime.

I think you should certainly look for a reseller host that has a good reputation and support. As far as features go I recommend choosing a host that has cPanel/WHM. A bonus would be a host that includes WHMCS (The most popular billing/support software for web hosts). You can buy WHMCS separately but it’s generally cheaper if you choose a reseller host that includes it as they pay much less.


I’d suggest taking the plunge into getting a VPS instead of a reseller account…

In regards to chosing a hosting provider - test a few hosts out and try and contact them through support and gage how long they take to answer you… Many hosting companies are run my single people who don’t really care all that much and are just in it for a little bit of cash - And this is something you want to stay away from because if something goes wrong they’re likely not going to be all that bothered about it…

Go with someone who’s proved there reputation and dont necessarily go for someone who is cheap… The phrase “You get what you pay for” most definitely applies to the world of web hosting…

I think a VPS is a good choice providing that the person has a good knowledge of running a VPS. I think the benefit of a reseller account is being able to concentrate on marketing in the begging rather than managing a server. The benefit of a VPS is more control and in some cases better performance for customers.

I’d suggest taking the plunge into getting a VPS instead of a reseller account…

I must side with sequencehosting here. VPS is recommended much too often. Most people don’t need one, won’t make full use of one, just as a small, cheap dedicated server won’t do them any good either.

I agree VPS is better. But if you have no idea how to manage it I would say that reseller account is the best option.

I agree with you. He seems do not have any idea how to manage VPS and reseller account might be good solution for him.
I believe better have something with hands on support included.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions.

One more thing to look for is scalability. As your business/needs grow you should be able to upgrade (add more disk space & bandwidth) by paying the difference between your current and new plan at any time. I must also reiterate the importance of avoiding hosts offering unlimited disk space & bandwidth.

what ever u go with,think of
timing of support (your cilent will call you and if they dont respond you will be in limbo)
“no thing in free is unlimited” and you get what you pay for …not what u were shown…lol
I would recommend being reseller first and once you are comfortable transfer to vps…so see if your service provider has this option or not