Help me choose a reseller hosting

Hi, I’m searching for a web host that offers reselling. At first I was really tempted to go with justhost but after reading the some reviews online and on this forum about them, justhost didn’t look as hot as before, most of the reviews were about their web hosting so I’m not sure how their reseller fares. Some of the reviews were pretty outdated tho.

sitecloud looks like a viable solution and the idea of hosting in the cloud is pretty attractive. Do you recommend this? They are pretty new and the reviews are pretty good, although the comments looked really bad

Hostgator seems to be the most popular of the bunch, I’m assuming they do pretty well as a reseller?

Looking for good reviews on google can be really confusing, especially user reviews since their comments vary from site to site. I appreciate any advice and tips you can give! Thanks

PS: Upon a bit more research, Site5 seems to be the most attractive. what do you guys think?

What is your choice of platform -windows or linus?
What is the choice of control panel?
what is the budget?
What are the requirements of space, bandwidth and database?

Good luck

What is the budget.
Where do you want your servers to be? US / EU / Further East?
What features do you want / need - OS / Control Panel.
Resource Requirements - high traffic / low traffic, high storage ?
Managed or Unmanaged

Theres a lot to think about before getting a server (Shared, VPS, Cloud or Dedicated)

The budget is still pretty low, that’s why looking for a reseller hosting seems like the better option. Right now our clients are pretty small, mostly local business and blogs/portfolios.

I’ve only had the chance to use CPanel and its been awesome so far. bandwidth and storage isn’t such a big deal yet since we’re just starting up but I would still like to plan for success. As long as it has PHP and MySql than I all set.

If I were to go for a VPS or Dedicated server, I would probably choose go for a managed server since I do not have the enough experience with servers. We’re located in canada and so are most of our clients.

Thanks for taking an interest in my query, I really appreciate it!

After some research, Site5 seems to be what I’m looking for but I’m still unsure about their track record. What do you think about this choice? Can you recommend any others?

How many you think to spend for a hosting, even you can choose the free company but such won’t be enough reliable :confused:

well, about a hundred $100.00 a month is our limit. The only people we’ll be hosting and billing are the people we develop websites for, so a reseller account seems to be the optimal choice since we probably only have 10 people or so for now.

I believe first of all you need to make sure that reseller hosting is exactly that kind of web hosting which you are looking for.
If that is needed for your personal use that would be better to have small VPS for that purpose instead?

I agree. It is very important to check the support. Most of the host also offer free support for your customers. If you think you will need support for your users then check it before you order.

Thanks to everyone for being so helpful, I’ve decided to go with site5, their support is very fast and good and I don’t think I’ll need support for my customers since I’m the one developing, maintaining and updating their sites.

thanks again

Hiya. Hopefully then they (site5) have improved since I was with them. Admittedly it was quite a few years ago now, but they were atrocious - servers kept going down and their support was extremely slow. At that time people were leaving them in droves.

But, as I say, that was several years ago now and hopefully they have changed :slight_smile:

There are lots of things to be considered before you opt for any host like budget, geo-location, bandwidth usage, managed or unmanaged services and such other factors are to be cleared before you consider any host for the hosting purpose.