Starting my own hosting ressler company

i am starting my own hosting ressler company
i need help to tell me which are the best packs to offer
i offer now only 500MB with the common free php scripts such as wordpress and phpbb

any one could give me an idea who much space do they need if they aren’t hostng any videos…

If you want to start your own reseller company you can start with master reseller account. That will cost not too much for you and will help you to understand if you will be able to compete with big boys.

I believe dedicated server is too much to get started. I believe that would be enough to have small VPS account. Then once you are growing you will be able to migrate to dedicated server easy.

I would say the best option would be to get a dedicated seerver yourself and start using that to add accounts too,its way better and you will make 500 percent more from it.

Why not offer 3 hosting plans?
Disk space: 1GB, 5GB, 10GB
Bandwith: 10GB, 20GB, 50GB
just a only example.
Many top hosts offer only 1 huge plan with everything “unlimited”.
As reseller I can’t offer unlimited. Do research on shared plans.

I was in the same boat as yourself and what i had to change my packages a couple of times to realize that more isnt often better. There are many hosts out there that offer unlimited this and unlimited that and as a reseller hosting just starting out you cannot compete with that at all. You have to market yourself in your city/state/province whatever. You will need to network your little heart out and find customers that way. You cannot just simply setup a webhosting company, do some marketing and get sign up after sign up, unfortunately many people think that’s how it works but they come… and they go just as fast. Be in it for the long haul.

The best advice is to monitor your competitors and their packages and current marketing styles. It is not the actual need that you have to compete with, it is the perception they are given by other hosts.

While 500Mb of space, 1Gb of traffic may be more than enough for a regular non heavily trafficked web blog if your competitors are offering 1Gb web space and 15Gb web traffic for the same price you are offering the 500Mb and 1Gb which do you think the potential customer is likely to go with?

Competing with the larger companies is extremely difficult and usually it is much better to target a special niche, be that going store to store in your local area and selling in person, targeting bloggers and competing with WordPress and their server rates and sizes, or OSCommerce users, Drupal, Joomla, cPanel, Fantastico…all nice keywords to focus on when dealing with hosting, they all have their following and if you can get an in with any of those user groups you will have an easier time…perhaps checking out the forums for those particular scripts and finding out what the average user of Joomla or OScommerce looks for in a server…

Hope this helps…

I will be willing to help you through this process with %100 of my time and effort as if your new web hosting company is my own. {snip}

I think that you need to learn your current competitors and make sure what they offer and then decide what to do. That would be really great for you to have offers which a bit better then your competitors have.

Start with how much free disk space you have on one server, substract 10GB as a buffer (or more, I’m not really sure how much buffer you should have), and divide the remainder by the number of clients you want to host on that server.

For example if your server has 460GB free space, substract 10GB, is 450GB.
Suppose you want 100 users per server max that gives each user 450/100 = 4.5GB disk space.

Same calculation can be made for bandwith if you know how much bandwith you’re buying per month.

any one could give me an idea who much space do they need if they aren’t hostng any videos…

Your typical application won’t take more than 10MB of space. The content itself being mostly text, will take negligible amounts of space too.

500MB will suffice to most sites, but the danger is that customers won’t realise that. They will see the huge allocations that other hosts offer, and think that’s what they must buy, and even if they don’t use it, why shouldn’t they get the better offer (number wise at least).

That’s really for you to determine. I would suggest looking at your direct competition and seeing what they offer. You can also ask your hosting provider to see if they have any suggestions for your business.

That really depends on the client. There is no “common” amount - the answer above (and the one that your host gave you) is spot on. You need to taylor your packages to compete with those in your target market. It really is that simple :slight_smile:

my hosting told me the same you just said i am asking you as experts how much space do the mysql and the instalation of the commun websites takes ?