Suggest me some good master resellers hosting provider

well i have been reseller from few years now and done some research and decided it is still not time to move to VPS or dedicated…

My current plan is not a master reseller and i am planning to get one

so can any body suggest me good Master reselllers
when i say good
relaible (should not be any time packing company :D…)
good support (fast…)
providing me option to upgrade to vps later
NOT over crowded(i would love to have new servers… :slight_smile: )
so any ?
my budget for now 10-20$ per month


I have been a client of superezhost for awhile and their service is great 9.99 gives you alpha reseller account which is one step above the master reseller. Great support answers question very quick. Their master reseller accounts are less than $9.99.

1 post recommendation is normally an advertisement…
so rather than saying,their package is great if you say our package is great please will start thinking over it …i guess…
no offfence…

This is the first time I ever posted on a forum and I was just letting you know the one I use. No offense taken, but I do not gain anything from giving you my opinion. I am not associated with them as an employee only as a client. Found them on ebay if this helps.

I suppose there are a lot of web hosting provider which can satisfy you. I recommend you start your search here on this forum


Many providers offer master reseller hosting. However, if you are serious about offering reseller hosting I would advice a VPS or dedicated server. In my opinion I wouldn’t like any of my sites hosted on a server that offered master reseller accounts.


Are you looking for Private Label Reseller Hosting?

i have already said that i dont have intension to move to VPS for now (i have done required homeworks and investigation for now)

but,i think i agree with you in the point that server allowing master reseller may be over crowded and i wont better not go for it.
Sound valid but having said that even normaly reseller server may be same so with master reseller account atleast i will some extra benefit…

any way seems like i need to search just reseller account for now…

By the way that was why i was saying,new server that allows master resellers…

Are you looking for master reseller hosting plan in the UK or in the US or any other location ?

I wonder why don’t you want to use VPS server for this instead?
That would be cheaper for you and much better then just having mater reseller account?

may be becoz i dont have enough time to maintain server and manage security things in server

Plus with that budget i know i will end up with much lower RAM VPS with less bandwidth…leaving some brustable ones…

so GOOD reseller is ok for me now

It is not that VPS is better than reseller by itself.It depends lots on reseller server as either it is overloaded or not…what other sites are hosted…
i agree the problem with reseller is you dont have control on others in same server
but we are lukcy we can get more resource in reseller than vps…

If you do not have time and want to provide the service for your customers as not core one I believe reseller account is the best solution.

i know you are real hoster and you understand the thing :slight_smile:

yup,it has been like tradition,if i ask for master reseller or moderate price reseller …suggestion any one gives is …“go to VPS”

Well it is not that VPS doesnt have problems…and it depends upon mission as well…
for now i am full time programmer,designer,application creater coding in more than 8 languages…and only part time reseller…so happy with it…:slight_smile:

As everybody has stated you can find one by searching the forums. And I believe you need to raise your budget to find a good one.

thanks for replying

well,what i feel is
searching forum i may find vps for 15 dollars (i even found 1 for 7 dollars as they claim it…) but what posting like these gives me is medium for testimonial from other person,feedbacks of other hosters and so on…)

which is most important thing is hosting business i guess…

after all only a satisfied customer will recommend that host to me…so it is not that i have not found master reseller any where…(i have found many from 5$ per month to $40 per month…)
but i just want to know from people ,if they are using any good one…

$20-$25 per month for moderate reseller is not bad at all i guess…(my space/bwd requirements are not high…)


you should go for “hostgator” web hosting provider.

well,hostgator doesnt have master reseller hosting plans…
if i had to settle with reseller only
i would say 75gb 600gb 20$/m
is much better can cheaper than hostgator’s offer