What movies have you seen recently?

the last one movie which i watched Avengers: Endgame this is best movie in marvel series.

I saw Farmageddon while we were on holiday last Monday - the day it was released in Scotland. That in itself was quite exciting; we rely on a mobile cinema at home, and usually see things long after everyone else. Seeing something first is a bit of a novelty. smile

The film was good, with the usual Aardman jokes and details in the background, and references to many of the famous “alien” films and TV shows. Very entertaining.

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I watch all the TV broadcasted Aardman’s movies. (Doesn’t count here though.)

My absolute favorites is their (Julie Lockhart’s) animals and insects interviews". I record them to view multiple times. :smiley:

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I’ve just watched “Taken” as it was on TV the other night. It’s good, but it does go downhill a bit after the speech.

I watched a lot , mostly I like horrors ,but the last and new i want to watch Joker , a lot ppl said that really amazing !

Frozen 2 - my daughter love it :slight_smile:


I just watch Mr.Robot. I got motivation to be a person in IT world.

I also watched Frozen 2. I liked it as much as my children did :grinning:

I just watched Baby’s Day Out recently. Really superb and comedy movie. I love it.

I watched Avengers Endgame. The movie was very nice. I love watching Hollywood movies online. Although there are many best sites to watch Hollywood movies online but i watch movies in movie theatres. Sometimes i do visit websites to stream Hollywood movies. In Short, I am movie fan.

last movie I watched was I am mother and Prometheus, so from this you can guess that my fave movies are sci-fi (fantasy) and thriller. But I also loved Witcher.

I’ve just watched “Geostorm”. I’ve been looking out for a cheap DVD of it for ages - it seemed like an appealing film (I quite enjoyed “The Day After Tomorrow” and some bits of “2012”), but I’d heard terrible reviews, so I didn’t want to spend much on it. I finally found a copy in a charity shop, a little more pricy than I’d have liked, but went for it. It’s not a bad film, really. It’s not as good as some of the other disaster movies that I’ve quite enjoyed, but it’s not as terrible as I was led to believe. So, I can stop looking now.

This, of course, is a cue for it to be on TV in a day or two, and repeated every week until summer.

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It was long time ago I saw a real good movie, but this one I have also seen and I really liked it.I can recommend it.

Latest weekend i saw a movie “The Aviator” its one of amazing movie of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Recently I watched a Korean movie-“Witch”. Although it is a little girl, her acting skills are very good and explosive.


the movie I liked the most is HIGHWAY. its a Hollywood movie. Very interesting story.

I have recently watched a movie called ‘‘Jhon Wick’’ it’s a wonderfully movie to watch I love the action scenes. the perfect movie to watch,

^ I liked the sound of that when it was on TV the other night, but I had a recording clash so will wait for it to come around again.

I watched most of “Gone Girl” again last night, which was OK, as was “Kingsman - The Secret Service” which was on at the weekend.

I’ve seen GoodNews movie latest.

I watched “Habit” the other day, a strange film and not really what I was expecting from the description in the guide.