May Movie Madness

So credit goes to where credit is due, my inspiration for this thread came from the What movie will you see in March? thread by [URL=“”]995sunglasses. But here we are in May!

My University flat mate and I used to go to the cinema once or twice a week to watch the latest films, some because we wanted and some out of sheer boredom. It was something to do anyway. But then we stopped for a bit and now we’re back into the “groove” of it so to speak, so we went to see Limitless the other week - Brilliant film might I add. It’s rated as a 7.3 / 10 on IMDB and I’d say that’s just about right in my opinion of the film. In fact my brother and myself always reference the critic ratings on IMDB to determine whether we’re going to sit and watch a film or not, our usual standard is for films that receive a 6.0 or above, otherwise, it’s probably going to be rubbish. Which sounds about right really, out of 10.

So, this month we’ve got plans to go see Insidious, [URL=“”]Hannah, [URL=“”]Priest, [URL=“”]Rio, [URL=“”]Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, [URL=“”]The Hangover Part II, and finally [URL=“”]X-Men: First Class. Yes, we like watching films.

So what films, if any, do you plan on going to see this month at the theatres / cinemas?


Perhaps you’re going to rent a film or buy one? I’m probably going to be making a few purchases from the iTunes Store throughout the month, I’ve yet to see Dolan’s Cadillac, an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, so I’d like to buy and watch that. Anyone have any recommendations for me or anyone else to see this month?

Andrew Cooper

Moving pictures! I have heard of such technologies as Magic Lanterns and the amazing Praxinoscope. Alas I will not be seeing such big image sorcery for this month of May. :wink:

How are you going to fit your life around that many films with your girlfriend though? I count over eight that’s nearly one every other day… :smiley:

I will choose best of two movies, because I like it all month , but i can’t go to see it all. On the 1st July have Transformer 3 waiting for me.

Cartoon fan here, so I’ll see Kung Fu Panda 2.
Pirates of the Carribean is cool too.

I go to cinema once a month and this month it’s hard for me to choice. I’m planning to see X-Men: First Class but Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides can be a nice choice.

Going to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Been waiting for that:)

hahahhah… here, me too waiting for kung Fu Panda 2…do you think that this movie catches the interest of audience???..

I am going with X-Men: First Class.
Just Like Us and The Chameleon are also good.


127 hours …

hangover 2