What movies have you seen recently?

Since there were no posts about this, I thought I would create a movie thread. Share the movies that you’ve seen and your opinions.

You need to start by telling us a recent movie you’ve seem and your thoughts…


Ohh, ok :smiley: I’ve seen The Hummingbird Project (2018), found it pretty entertaining, but do not think it will stick with me for a long time. Jesse Eisenberg was really good, though I think I liked his acting in this the most of all his films I’ve seen.

The last movie i saw in the cinema was Far from home.
Far from home ending is pretty much interesting.

Hi there bradw5069,

the last time that I went to a cinema was in 1982

This was the film that was showing…


I then went home, had a spliff, and never returned. :wonky:


The last movie I saw was “Back to the future”. It’s a pretty old movie. One of those classic science fiction movies.