Latest Movie You've Seen

After the success of the Latest Book You’ve Read thread, I thought I’d start one for movies.

Similar guidelines as the book thread. Name the movie, and provide your own review for it. What did you like, what didn’t you like, etc. Would you recommend it to others?

I’ll start.

Movie: Oppenheimer
Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. Can’t wait for it to come to streaming to watch it again to see what I missed

What I liked

Casting was brilliant. On top of the typical stars you see, there were a ton of actors which I’ve seen in a bunch of tv series (Numbers, White Collar, etc). Actors in roles which were a pretty dramatic shift from what they typically play. I’d forgotten how well Robert Downey Jr can act after his Marvel movies and some of the other dross he’s played recently.

The scene where they did the test detonation was BRILLIANT. While I first saw that type of scene in The Last Jedi, the complete silence, then the heavy breathing added in then the soundtrack and the build up was phenomenal. Add in the sonic boom late and just wow…

I also found the theme of the project members being the ultimate purveyors of the concept of FAFO very well handled. From the “can we do this” to the joy of the test fire to the trying to talk the military into just using the threat of it instead of using it to the realization of what they did. Just spectacular.

What I didn’t care for

I thought the movie was about a half hour too long. It just seemed to drag. I thought the nude scenes with Florence Pugh were unnecessary. She’s attractive and all, but the scenes didn’t add much other than the titillation factor. A scene at a coffee shop would have worked as well as the hotel room scene.

The three timelines concept was interesting but it was hard to follow at times. Took me about 1/2 an hour to get into the timelines to settle into what was going on. Not sure how that could have been improved but it was cludgy at times.

And with the three timelines, it seems like they dropped the ball a bit on Oppenheimer’s ending. You see the medal ceremony, but that was about it. You got closure on Strauss but not on Oppenheimer.


Thanks for the recommendations I would say Oppenheimer is already on my list for next weekend. Last weekend I enjoyed my movie and would recommend it to other fellows as well. It’s a comic based movie named “Blue Beetle”. If you like superheroes and aliens, you must watch it. A family friendly movie to watch. Going to share movie reviews, might could help you to decide whether to see it or not?

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Yesterday my sister came to visit at my home. We saw comedy movie Barbie by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Story is around the Barbie doll as it is understood by movie name but with a twist. You will find through movie that the famous barbie doll is an alien came from the Barbieland and then introduced to our world. I will recommend it as a funny and good family movie.

I watched Haunting in Venice last month. Generally, I like Poirot movies (and the old TV show even more). I have to say I expected a bit more from this one. Not bad, but it feels like something’s missing.

I did watch Barbie and it was really good. There’s a lot of lesson you will really learn from it.

It comes at night! Great movie

Hey, welcome @noahpalmergm5! Haunting in Venice has set high bar to the Poirot series. I am so curious to hear your thoughts on what you think could have improved in the movie.

The creator is very interesting. I recommand

Thank you, good to be here! As I said, it just feels something is missing, I can’t really explain. Sometimes it’s just the feeling the movie leaves me with.

Yeah sometimes it happened.

Latest Movie You’ve Seen:
Movie: Distant Echoes
Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. A thought-provoking film that leaves you pondering long after the credits roll.
What I liked:
The cinematography was breathtaking. The way they captured the desolate landscapes and the emotional nuances of the characters added a profound layer to the storytelling. Each frame felt meticulously crafted.

i am currently watching the last airbender.

Watched the Money Pit (1986) on TV over the weekend. Whilst I very much enjoy the film it has a really odd set of morals!

I guess one of DC movies

I watched “Moonfall” the other day. Something has caused the moon to go out of orbit and start to plummet towards the earth, with the obvious disruption to life. It’s down to a couple of old astronauts and a conspiracy nerd to go up in a space shuttle (which they somehow get ready in about eighteen hours, from museum to lift-off) and sort the problem out, at which point they discover the nerd was right. A decent film, I struggle to sit through a complete film these days so the fact I watched all of it says something.

I watched “We still kill the old way” the other day. An old man is walking home from the pub when he happens on a group of youths trying to rape a young woman. He tries to intervene, but they all gang up on him and kick him to death. His brother is a former London gangster who has retired to Spain and “gone legit”, but decides to fly back to London and, with a few former pals, “investigate” the murder of his brother. I really enjoyed it, nice to see Ian Ogilvie in something other than “The Return of the Saint”.

“Dark Waters” the other day. Mark Ruffalo plays a corporate lawyer who is talked into representing a farmer friend of his grandmother, who thinks that the local water is being poisoned by a Dupont chemical factory. Lawyer initially goes in on behalf of the farmer and then sues on behalf of all the residents in the area. Much better film than I expected it do be, really enjoyed it.

“American Pyscho” motivated me to become more pyschopathic, You should watch it to understand why first impression is the longest impression haha

Hi! Thanks for sharing, I recently reviewed the Spider-Man movie and am still fascinated.