What movie will you see in March?

I can’t wait till the new movie “Battle LA” comes out March 11th, I will be there in the front row watching it with my bucket of poop corn and 32 Oz. beer. :slight_smile:

what movie will you be seeing in March?


YES!!! Battle LA is definitely on my movie list. That movie looks dope!

Well, The King’s Speech is my projection for my first March movie.

Didn’t it win some award last night? I guess I’ll check it out, although Colin Firth just rubs me the wrong way.

I will see “The fighter”

Probably Unknown by Liam Neeson

I’m waiting for the Red Ridding Hood.

Diary of a wimpy kid 2

I will see “Black Swan”

I’m also excited to watch “Battle LA”, the special FX is awesome. I just hope that the story is well-written.

id like to see I Am Number Four this month

I planning to watch Battle: Los Angeles and I Am Number Four.

I enjoyed The Kings Speech
Unknown looks really good, I hope to see that
I am no.4 looks decent
There was one advertised where the lad from the hangover takes a pill which makes him smart but he runs out, looks intriguing, can’t remember the name :stuck_out_tongue:
I heard bad reviews for the adjustment bureau but I until I see it I can’t comment

I am waiting for The Fighter and I will see it in march.

Black Swan and The King’s Speech are the movies that i have to see in the next.

waiting for Sucker Punch and Red Riding Hood, who’s with me?

I had a very weird dream about that Rango a few weeks back and I haven’t even seen it. But it was as if I had seen it and knew what happened. Very weird :confused:

I’d like to finally go and see Tangled and [URL=“http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0377981/”]Gnomeo and Juliet this month as I’ve been waiting to see them both since their trailers were showing. [URL=“http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1172991/”]The Company Men also looks like a really good film too, although some of the acting in the trailer looks a bit over the top for my liking.

Anyone else planning on seeing either of these films or have already seen them?

Andrew Cooper

New releases in March , Whatever it will be.

I still having to get around to watching The Fighter!

I have a plan to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine” next. I hope it will be as good as i am expecting.