Last movie watched?

Guy’s Here i’m asking you just a simple question that which is the last movie you have watched. Guy’s Recently i have seen the dark knight rises. And i like this movie so much…


Hi guys,

Recently i watched The Dark Knight Rises movie…It’s really awesome movie…
It’s become mine most fave movie after watched…I will have rating it 9.5/10…

I agree, I just saw Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday and it was awesome. I liked it better than Dark Knight, which I walked out of not really liking too much. But this movie was unconventional, emotional, and played out very well. A satisfying conclusion to this Batman series. It also instilled in me the desire to rewatch the original Batman: Animated Series of the 90s. About to watch an episode now!

Man in Black 3 is the name of last movie watched by me with my friends at my home. It was full of joy and entertainment, enjoyed it a lot.


it was

"unstoppable " the best inspiring movie

Hi friends…
I am recently seen The Dark Knight Rises movie.this movie is fabulous…:wink:

Hi guys.
I watched Brave. Another perfect animation from Pixar.

tha last movie i watched is The Dark Knight Rises also , at the cinema. it is really great. the whole film 2:45 i enjoyed it.

Hii guys…

Last movie, i watched Iceage . Its very entertaining movie .

I watched " The Watch". I love the comedy role played by “Ben Stiller”, “Vince Vaughn” and “Jonah Hill” in this movie. :slight_smile:

Last time I watched Cloverfield named horror movie.

The second-to-last movie I watched was Dark Knight Rises. And seeing the Batman movies got me thinking again of the Joker and Ledger’s performance, so I decided to watch “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” which is the movie Ledger was in the middle of filming when he died. Turns out that movie is really. freaking. strange.

Last movie i watched The Dark Knight Rises.
Really it’s amazing series because it’s based
on some unique story.

Hi friends,

Last movie i watched is The dark knight is simply superb…

I like to watch movies at home, because i can eat during the movie my favorite pizza from<snip>, so i watch mostly classic movies. Yesterday i was watching La vita e bella, and it was the highlight of my day

It was very nice movie. “The Expendables” was the last movie I watched?

The last movie I watched was Little Children which stars Kate Winslet. Nice movie.

Last movie i had watch is “Step up revolution” it was the 2nd most waiting movie for me this year and now the wait is over. amazing movie :smiley:

The Dark Knight Rises

That’s actually one of my faves!

Last movie I watched was “The Good Doctor”. Pretty strange. It was OK