What Mouse do you use?

Im mouse shopping, Ive felt some at Office Depot and there was this $100 one by Microsoft that was small and fat and made of steel or metal and it was awesome but I dont want to spend that much.

The Logitech trackman looks really nice too, but can you move the mouse without the ball in it? Id like to have both options.

What mouse do you use and why do you like it?

I use the mouse that came with my comp, I like it cause it cost me nothing extra (even though I am sure I paid out the nose for it, when I purchased comp) but I also have a few others, there all optical, I hate ones with the ball in there. The most expensive one I have ever bought was a Logitech wireless mouse for my laptop it was $30. It seems really nice and I have gotten used to it but it is kinda small and plump.

Logitech MX Revolution. I have had a dozen or more different mice from Logitech and Microsoft. I prefer the current MX Revolution, because it has the best precision and ergonomical comfort compared to all other mice I’ve ever used. It costs a lot, but it’s well worth it.

I have a Razer Copperhead. Good software, great precision, on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and comfortable. Equally good (IMHO) for spreadsheets or your favorite FPS.

Cool so far, what is a Razer Copperhead?
Oh I see. That one looks like a normal mouse

After Kohoutek’s advice some time ago (thanks!) I decided to try Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer with a tilted and step-less wheel. I like its ergonomic shape (I found the high back profile mice too tiring) as it’s easy for my palm even with hours of constant work.
Its only disadvantage is the middle button (wheel) requiring some strength to react. For me it’s not a problem, as I don’t use it too often.

I just use the standard Acer mouse that came with my computer, it has the little ball in it. I had a wireless one but it got broke :frowning:

I use Logitech MX Revolution and I like it a lot, but if you hands are small you may want to stay away from it. It’s a bit bulkier than all my previous mouses.

Whatever is cheapest but still wireless. Think of it this way. ANYTHING you get today will be 100 times better than what you could’ve got 10 years ago. So, why not go cheap? As long as it’s wireless.

While the Logitech MX Revolution is by a long shot the best mouse ever created (in my opinion) I should point out to tikijj that they created a mobile version for laptop pc’s (so battery powered and smaller) called the VX revolution which is pretty good as well :slight_smile:

I guess looks can be deceiving, it’s hardly ‘normal’.

What your mouse choice comes down to, though, is your personal mousing style.

How do you hold the mouse? Do you rest your palm on it, or do you use your fingertips? (me: fingertips)

Would you actually use buttons beyond left and right click and the scroll wheel? (me: no)

Do you use your arm to move the mouse or your fingers and wrist? (me: fingers and wrist)

How far do you move the mouse to get the cursor from one corner of the screen to the diagonal opposite of the screen? (me: 19 inch screen: < 2 inches)

When I bought the Copperhead, wireless mice just didn’t have the resolution & reliability to allow me to be as lazy in my movements as I wanted to be, this may have changed - however, to save on battery life, wireless mice turn off when they’re not moving. In my experience, with my less-movement-is-better style, this resulted in my violently shaking the mouse in order to wake it up - frustrating, to say the least.

If you palm the mouse, a giant one is a good choice. Either the MS Explorer or the Logitech VX Revolution (I’d go with the VX)

If you want portability, the Logitech VX Nano is a great choice - the tiny receiver is never in your way, doesn’t block other USB ports and it’s not at risk of being broken off.

If you game, something from Razer might be a good choice.

Bottom line: you’ll have this mouse for years, it will most likely outlast this computer and the next two: spend the money to get a mouse you’ll be happy with.

Great tips there rushiku.
Ive also had the Microsoft intellimouse Explorer 1 and 2, the second one was a hundred times better by the way it responded.

Ive had wireless mice and I liked them, but i hated changing the battieries and sometimes had signal trouble, so i have stuck with wired.

That Microsoft Arc mouse looks really cool haha, but it looks like the scroll wheel clicking wears out fast.

My brother has a Logitech G5 its really nice but ergonomics could be better

Another Logitech MX Revolution user here. It was without a doubt one of the best computer purchases I’ve made in a long time. I love it. It’s the most comfortable mouse I’ve used in a long time.

Same here i just use the mouse that come with my PC. A mouse is a mouse :smiley:

I also use Logitech MX Revolution, because I didn’t want to buy another average mouse, so I looked in highest priced mouses and after looking at different options I took this one.

But I have a major problem it is that I can’t click on the wheel mouse button to open new tabs, because the wheel mouse button is used for a function in the mouse (scroll long pages) and I’ve found nothing in the mouse driver software to affect the mousewheel button to another button of the mouse.

So I CTRL+Click to open in new tab in firefox.

How other Logitech MX Revolution users have dealt with this bad surprise?

I’ve customised all mice buttons to do what I want them to do. It’s easy with third-party software available for Mac OS X. You can give each button the functionality you want. Not sure about Windows, though.

I used the Microsoft IntelliMouse for many years through its various versions. Last mouse was the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, the current top of the line wireless. It went up in smoke (I could hear it making a high pitch whine, then smelled some smoke and it died), and I replaced it with a Logitech laser mouse of some sort, I don’t know the model number. I don’t know if I’ll go back to Microsoft, I liked the old IntelliMouse models more than the new ones.

Logitech MX510. I bought this mouse in 2006 and its still working great today. If I had to buy today, I would probably go with the MX518.

I have a MS bluetooth mouse made for notebooks, but I use it with my desktop PC. I’ve gotten used to the small size and it’s a nice mouse but it seems to eat a new pair of batteries every week or two. Small price to pay for a tangle-free desk.