Found the best ergonomic mouse

I found it!!! Finally the search is over. If you guys are looking for ergonomic mouse then you must try this one.

No, I’m not advertising it… I’ve been a programmer for 20 years and my search for ergonomic mouse had too much failures. I was really skeptical to use trackpad instead of the mouse but damn…it feels just right! Yes, you can do right-click by using two finger touch. To select part of the text to copy-paste.

Anyways, thought I post this because I wish someone had told me this. Yes, this trackpad can also work on PC with some software. My hands are so happy now.

It is probably not for me as I get frustrated enough with mouse pads and touch screens.


That’s what I thought too and figured if I don’t like it then I just return it. What makes this awesome is that trackpad is LARGE… at least enough for my hand. I’ve tried other trackpad that’s built into the laptop but it’s located at really aweful place, trackpad is too small, the surface is kind of annoying to my finger’s touch and etc… This thing feels like my finger is gliding on top of a smooth glass with mouse click built in. If anything one should try it and you can always return at your local best buy :slight_smile:

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