Generic versus optical mouses!

hi all!
Do you prefer generic or optical mouse? My experience with generic mouse have always been bad. I need replacement after 2 - 3 months
but optical mouse always works best for me.
what about you?:rolleyes:

I assume by “generic” you mean an ‘old-style’ mechanical mouse (with a ball in the bottom)?

They don’t need replacement, they need to be cleaned. The ball picks up the dirt, grease and cheeto crumbs from your mouse pad and transfers it to the rollers, which become caked with the junk. Pop the ball out and scrape the schmegma off the rollers - good as new.

Or, you could get an optical mouse and never, ever, have to deal with cleaning your mouse again.

optical all the way. Have had great experiences with logitech. Even their low end products are pretty good. And microsoft optical mice have worked well for me as well but I prefer logitech.

ok i never knew to clean the mouse with mouse ball out so i guess thats why i had to throw my older mouses. :smiley:
but thanks for the information