What means to social signals?

What means to social signals in SEO? How does it works? Is there any measure which determine how much social signals will be sufficient for better SEO visibility?

It’s very simple . If the website , articles or anything you post to social networks such as facebook , google + , tiwter , Bing v.v.v. are people like , share . These manipulations like , share of people called social network signal . And I assure you that it is good for seo.

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Social signals are actions taken by users that spread web content
across social sites — for example, Pinterest pins or Facebook likes.
These signals serve four main purposes:

To indicate reputation among a target audience
To help search engines, especially Google, decide what content is best for users
To give web users faith in content, because it has been ‘voted’ on by the masses
To help you earn brand loyalty by strengthening your social presence

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I read an article recently that says Google does not use social signals in ranking. But that’s not to say it does not help drive traffic to your content, it does, so should not be ignored. Don’t confuse SEO with getting traffic. SEO is just one method to get more traffic, social is another. Different ways to the same goal.


Of Goolge’s 200 ranking factors, social signals isn’t one of them. It hardly contributes to SEO, but it does drive traffic and brand visibility, particularly to your target audience.

Social Signals are the likes, pins, share, follow, votes or view etc that we done on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and like many others. It is a link from someone social profile to your page.

Social Signals gives Direct or Indirect impact on a website. From direct impact, we get good social presence on all Social media platforms.

from Indirect impact we get inbound links, increase positive reviews, decreased bounce rate, higher time on site and repeated visitors to a website.

There is no any measurement for the social signal but as many you will have, its better for your SEO.

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Do you have a source to back that up? @mikhailblacer has already said

As you clearly think differently, it would be good to know what you base your opinion on.

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Google Analytics will show you how much traffic is coming to your site via social networks.

I refer to my previous statement:-

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