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i work in SEO, Matt Cutts of Google has said that they do not use social signals as part of their ranking algorithm :

FB and Twitter are more for branding or events announcements.

No one has claimed that they did. Social signals will have an affect on things which Google does pay attention to so Google doesn’t need to check those things directly.

I agree with that Google award page rank on the basis or link juicing and social signals cannot provides you link juice for your website.

Where did you get that antiquated idea from?

The sticky claims that they do :

“Some of the most important metrics for good ranking …”

That implies a direct relationship, which doesn’t exist.

If the sticky meant an indirect relationship then it should say so explicitly, we’re dealing with computing technology here, not something vague, so we need to be precise when communicating the specifics of search-engine technology.

no we are not - we are dealing with people. The number of people who interact through social media who then are interested enough to create the sorts of links that have an impact on the search engines can vary significantly.

SEO is by definition vague since the search engines are attempting to guess as to what pages will be of greatest interest to each person searching. They are constantly changing their algorithm because what they are trying to work out is vague and computers don’t do vague very well.

Yes, people.

This is a place of learning, and anyone who read that sticky to learn about SEO would think that FB likes and Twitter mentions counted toward rankings.

Very few people ‘create the sorts of links’ that help in SEO, they ‘like’ it or tweet it, they don’t put a do-follow link on a relevant site.

I don’t feel any need to press my point further, it’s there in black and white in the sticky.

Perhaps the problem is that

should be changed to

Some of the most important metrics for good search result positioning besides PageRank are:

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I admit I can understand way so many are confused - from Dec 2010

Did social media exist back then? I thing Google+ was a more recent development than that so Google probably paid it no attention at that time. Now with Google+ linked to all the other Google products there isn’t one Google product that doesn’t interact with social media.

What about Xanga? Myspace? Facebook was around that time as well.

They weren’t made by Google so as far as Google was concerned they were not important. To Google social media means Google+.

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