What is your opinion about this two poster?

This two poster is about marketing.
Middle sentence is Persian that means it is the selling ​​graphic products Online. This sentence should translate to English because it is incorrect. Except this sentence language that it makes a mistake please you say to me this two design problem. I want a list of problems of this two poster.
Thank you very much

There’s not a lot of information in either poster. (No website or other contact details, for example; nothing to show the purpose of the poster.)

The main design problem I see is in the first poster, where the “bullet points” appear to the right of the text. In English, they should appear to the left of the text, and look rather odd as they are.

I like the second (green) design.

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can you say me what information should put in poster? designer information? or creative market site(Ads) information?
where is location information? put left and bottom or left and center? or left and right?
In your opinion what work can better this two poster?
I’m sorry my English is bad.

That’s difficult to answer without a better understanding of your aims.

What is the purpose of this poster? Where will it be displayed?

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The purpose this two poster is Advertising for Buy More from creativemarket. This poster will be displayed in my account at deviantart. I want this posters seem attractive.
Poster information is:
one sentence
Site Name
Site menus or facilities Site
does is need more information for inclusion in the poster ?

May I ask who the target audience is for the poster? Is it native Persian speakers or English speakers?

Are the English words commonly known by Persian speaking computer users?

only English speakers.

Ok, then I would recommend adding a small line of English beneath the Persian script with the correct translation, just to satisfy the curious. Otherwise, it looks good graphically. I had no problem with the bullets being on the right, but that is probably because I spent a lot of time with a R to L site. As @TechnoBear said, it would look unusual to normal English speakers. I would advocate adding more language that describes the business. Not a lot… perhaps expanding on the bullets at the bottom of the poster.

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About the pink poster:

I like the name with dotted circles around, it could be a nice logo.

The middle sentence could be placed higher up and show some of the dots behind as a background. I think the sentence could be two lines; Persian with English on the second line. That would be both informative of the origin of the works and be inviting I think.

That way the product categories/menu would get more space. They should not have bullets, I think they should look more of a “link cloud” like those you usually see on websites. (It already reminds me of a link cloud with the different font sizes.)

The location information or web address could be beneath in black having the bottom image as background.

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