Looking for some Design Feedback

This is my first post, so if it is not in the right place I apologise Please let me know where to direct it.

I’m not a designer.
I struggle with visualisation and have to use apps etc to figure out if colours go together.
However, I can arrange and edit elements with Adobe PSD, AI etc.

I am used to providing feedback to designers, but wouldn’t know how to action them if that makes sense.

So, any help in this type of regard would be amazing. This camp has run and was successful, but now we would like to take it forward as a brand and I would like to improve this as much as possible.

As much or as little feedback as you like. I don’t think my posters are visually good. Just better than if I had let my coach do them on word!

Welcome to the forums, @daniellebynoe.

Are you asking about using these designs as web pages? (This is, primarily, a web developer forum.) A bit more clarification as to what kind of feedback you’re after would help. smile

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that’s up to website or marketing offline ?

I think you should leave two colors. Blue and gray. You will not distract the reader’s attention from the information.

As the OP has never returned, and the question is unclear, it seems pointless to resurrect the topic.

Thread closed.