How can I produce a product for English Teaching as a foreign language?

Dear Members

I have built a website for teaching business English to Persian Speakers.
I have worked on the SEO and gained 500 visitors a day. But I need some ideas to:

  • build some products to sell

  • How to market it?

  • how to write compelling notes to persuade visitors to buy?

Please if possible, help me.

@engpartner. Hi engpartner welcome to the SP forumns. I have a few questions.

  1. You said you build a website. Can you show that allready to us?

  2. What are the products you would like to sell? E-books, Videos or …?

I removed the link to the site as it’s not required to answer the question, and the site is in Persian, so the link would be of little use to members of an English-language forum.

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Hahaha. I can not read Persian indeed. Certain things (the feeling and how it looks) can be an inspiration for me on how and where to implement certain things, like a CTA for example.

One way is recording 1 movies and add my voice as a teacher at the end.
About other ways, I sell some guidance on how to write business letters and things like this

So was wrong with the language. My question was about marketing

I understand that, and my point is that your questions can be answered without reference to your site. That would be the case even for an English-language site, but as yours is in Persian, which very few of our members speak, a link to it does not help clarify the question in any way.

Ok I got that. Thanks for the explanation.

I remain put for the answer about digital marketing issue.

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The supply of a product in one country must be made taking into account the inhabitants of that country.
You need to understand what your customer needs.
It sounds amazing but different people perceive the information differently.

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You have 500 visitors a day?
What are their top motivations from going to your website?
What are they looking, specifically, to accomplish?

You teach business English, why not make that into an online program for each specific type of business?
And that’s because terms in the construction industry will be different for terms in the digital/tech industry.

Or give them a language learning hack, or have a membership website where they get exclusive - something!

You market it to your list.
You create FB ads and test it out.

Really learn about their motivations before writing the copy.
Because unless you know that, you’ll be writing lingo that won’t resonate with your audience.

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Thanks for the tips. I am on them

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