What is your opinion about article directories?

what is your opinion about article directories?

hi !!

guys what is your opinion about article marketing/ article directories for link building & traffic? is it still useful ?


is it right to submit the same article in multiple article directories??

if you are talking about article directories as so beloved by “seo experts” then they are garbage – useless collections of useless crap

~nobody~ goes to article directories to actually read anything

as for their seo value, links from those places have dubious worth

so suggest me what i supposed to do for authentic link building??

You’re trying to do authentic link building and you ask about directory sites?

:lol: Good one :lol:

Authentic link building involves finding sites where the site owner can be persuaded to give you a link because he genuinely believes your site may be of interest to his readers.

And if you actually have to persuade a site owner then obviously your site is not worth linking to.

After Google panda update there is a possibility that you will need to write an unique article for each article directory.

There are different opinions about article directories. And no clear answer yet

Not necessarily - they might just not have been aware of your site. If you don’t ask, they still won’t know your site exists, so they won’t link to it.

Telling them about the existence of your site is one thing, persuaded them is another.

Article marketing can work if you publish unique articles with unique titles and unique content. Do not place too much keywords in an article instead place them decently and provide useful and interesting information then readers will definitely attract towards your article.

I don’t think article submission is useless or become a garbage now a days.Infact it is good link building tactic.If your article shows in first page of Google then why not people go for it.But for this you have to post good and unique content.Other than article submission you can go for other link building techniques like blog posting,guest blog posting,Press release,video submission,link wheel,e.t.c.

IMO, article submission is useful but only if it is done in a proper way. People usually think about PR and alexa rankings of the directory, submit the article and just leave it thinking that it will pass on benefits. The best thing is to submit 50 unique posts in 50 different directories of good quality. After submission, check whether it is indexed or not, and once it is indexed, do some bookmarking for that post. This will help you to improve the page authority of your article and in the same way, it will pass on good benefits for the keywords that you have linked in your post.

Got to agree with you. After most article directories got hit including eZineArticles, I try to focus more on other venue like guest posting. I put the article directories in the backburner because of the Panda update.

After Google panda update, Article Submission is still useful and no more use.
Useful- If you have a high quality unique content and you are submitting it to a quality site means its useful to get quality backlinks and helps to improves your ranking.
No more use- If you involve in content farming (i.e) submitting same article in several article farm sites means, it definitely no more helps you.

Yes Article directories submission is good way to get backlinks. But you should post good and unique content.

Why not check these sources out:

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These should help with you with your link building.

Article directories are a great way to use for backlinks, i use them all the time and i don’t really care about the Panda update that everybody is so afraid of, i use spung content and blast that to a lot of article directories and never have i been banned or had to go true the non exciting sandbox. All my sites are in the top positions, of course i don’t use this technique by it self, but i am convinced that these links still have value…

Also about everything that Matt Cuts tells you… You should take that info with a huge bag of salt, Matt is known for being a liar …

As a article directory owner I have experienced that unique articles has very good effect on seo both for article directory and the backlink walue of article but syndicate articles are likely have negative effects.

I think that article submission is one of the best methods of seo. It helps in generating good quality traffic for your website and it also helps in creating back links. Through articles, visitors will know more about your business and the value added services which you offer.

Feel free to submit the same article in multiple article directories.

Best way to get links? This should be thought of before the site is developed.

Integrate link strategy into site development: Have unique content with a rising interest level. Which will determine whether site reviewers will want to provide links to you, especially someone like dmoz, if they even have a category editor. But I find it also helps to keep at least the home page free of advertising, especially when being reviewed.

Content that ideally has a primary social /economic value. That keeps visitor engaged, encourages feedback (feedback forms for indexing) and loyalty. Let them feel ownership.

At this point, I would contact only a couple dozen important link sources.
Forget link exchanges, they’re a wash.

Considering doing YouTube videos and post to social media outlets.

The above suggests you have real personal experience and interest in what you are doing.

Doing something that has been done many times over is a waste of time now. Others have years on you with scores and scores of links.

And the article directories - if you do, say a high pr site (pr7) they can help you get indexed quicker. That, they can. Circulating the same article around isn’t a fair practice, and goes without saying.

Also be careful how you approach what you write, the directories could beat you on your own rankings.

While not to the degree of r937, I agree value has sunk from these sources. Denser word count articles often lack real and current value in trade for mere word stuffing (an exception could be hard-to-find niche topics) as you will see some of them now pull from feeds themselves to help compensate. Too, they lack gif’s/vid snaps that help visitors quickly identify and join in the explanation. All this points to less time spent on page=lower rankings.

Article marketing is on the strategies of increasing backlinks. Lot of relevant traffic comes to a website.