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I have had run into several issues with submitting articles and link directories. with articles my links were stripped off and the content posted without any recognition or link back at all and with link directories i ran into issues were i post a link to their website and they never posted one back.

can anyone recommend me some good free article submission websites and free link directories?

Article directories are relatively worthless and the links from those sites are just as useless. There are lots of reasons for this but mainly because of the sheer number of outbound links and the fact that the article sites generally accept anything.

As I mentioned in another post, you’re going to be much better off promoting your website with other relevant websites. See if you can get a related blogger to review your equipment or get a write-up in a local news source.

hello JeffWalden,

can you tell me why the article directories are worthless.

as far as i know submission of articles is a major aspect of search engine optimization.

Article directories, in general, have a bizillion outbound links. That means that the value of each individual link is diluted so much that it’s essentially worthless.

Article directories are not generally specific to any one niche. If you’re a photographer you may find a photography category to an article directory but the entire website is not devoted to it. That being the case, search engines don’t consider it a relevant link which destroys the value.

Anyone and everyone submits their work to article directories. This means that they tend to look like link farms, well, they really are. Most people aren’t sharing quality content on article directories but rather they’re trying to get a backlink. This is counter-productive to the user experience and Google understands this enough to discount links coming from these types of sites.

Save your time and don’t bother publishing garbage content to article directories. It’s basically spam for links.

Thanks a lot

This site shows a list of 50 article submission sites:

I feel as if the directory submissions are useless though.

tried and can’t do that the point of sale business isn’t really like that, unless the company sponsors a big event they won’t get any backlinks and the sponsoring isn’t realistic.

what about link directories?

Link directories are probably even worse as they provide no content to the user other than a farm of links.

ok so articles are bad, blogs are bad, forums are bad, link directories are bad

so there is nothing left other than buying a bunch of websites with different domains and placing links back to your one website but someone some time ago said that was bad too!

Sorry - don’t mean to sound so negative about the subject. Essentially, any artifical form of self-promotion such as link directories, most article directories, creating your own blogs, etc., will do next to nothing for you.

You can acquire high quality links to your site. I covered this in detail in your other thread:

The most powerful way to move up in search rankings is to acquire relevant and trusted links to your website. Those two words are key.

A single relevant link to your website will be exponentially more helpful to your rankings than hundreds of irrelevant links. Find people who are running websites that are related to video and surveillance equipment to link to you. You may need to write articles for them or convince them to review your equipment. Whatever you have to do, getting on their radar will help you immensely.

It takes about $10 and 10 minutes to create a website, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. Websites need to be trusted by Google and that happens through a variety of ways. If you were to create 100 blogs and link to your website it’s not going to do very much good because those 100 blogs are worthless in the eyes of a search engine. Focus on connecting with trusted websites out there like major retailers, major bloggers and major news websites. Those are the people that already have a positive reputation with Google and when you receive a link from them it will be worth far more than hundreds of brand new blogs or link farms.

here is what confuses me: what do you mean by “relevant” links? are those the ones that have for example the word “video surveillance” and that words are links to my site?

unfortunately the point of sale business isn’t oriented that way too well there are mainly sites that cover news events that is why i am in this issue.

i own a couple of point of sale related websites, why can’t i perform onpage optimization as much as i can and create a point of sale word anchor link back to my site? why wouldn’t be that helpful?

By relevant websites I mean more than just the words in the link need to be related to your site. The entire website should be related to your website.

It’s unfortunate that your industry doesn’t have a leader in terms of information regarding your products. If someone was new to the subject as was interested in learning more, where would they go? What types of websites are coming up in the top 10 results when you search for your keywords?

You could create a link back to your website from your other sites but I wouldn’t be that it’s going to do very much, for two reasons:

  1. Google is an ICANN registrar which means they have all the WHOIS information available. More likely than not, they already know that you own both websites.
  2. You’re still only creating a handful of links when you need tens or hundreds of quality links.

I’m not going to go into in-depth optimization in the public forums as it’s unnecessary and unfair to the other members. That being said, if you want to post one of your websites I can take a look and see if there’s something obvious I’m missing to give you a step up.

these sites are under my control but they have different WHOIS information and different hosts. :slight_smile: they have the information related to point of sale.

as far as customers finding information they would first need to know what point of sale is but if they search for point of sale they just get estores. (main website) (secondary website)

On a side note, check out the navigation on the Polar POS site. You seem to have an extra </li> closing tag that’s showing in a dark gray at the end of your navigation bar.

On both sites, I see that you have a different blog. Are people reading that blog and are you receiving comments? Why aren’t other people linking to that blog? I’m getting at the question of all questions: is the content quality content and is it useful to users? In this case, probably not since it’s not being used.

It looks like you could use some new exposure for your blog and websites. Have you considered using social media to push information? While this won’t generate links it will send users which may be interested and generate links.

How about partnering up with other reciprocal businesses that could cross sell your services? They would send qualified visitors and create links to your website.

polar-pos just runs random crap naspos has a blog but no one links to it but i get a few comments here and there.

point of sale isn’t a community oriented subject unfortunately.

we are trying to and in the point of doing that

Point of sale is credit card terminals, right? While it’s not a community subject you could create a resource for people looking to purchase the service without pushing your website. Look at how people do reviews for website hosting and try doing the same thing. You’ll be creating a useful resource for the public and can advertise your own website amongst the rankings for other providers.

no in layman’s terms think electronic cash registers or computer based cash registers