Is Article Marketing Effective?

Hi, Is article marketing working effectively for you? Are there any good websites for article submission? Thanks

seohub, is there link directories which are also gives the facility of article submission good ? even these directories not allowed to use anchor link.

Using article marketing might be considered as one solution to build temporary traffic shares for websites but it may not be known as an authentic option to spread the word about businesses and even the links gained from such activities might not be that valuable. A few years ago, many webmasters were using article marketing and the effects on their websites ranks and internet traffic stats were very amazing but not anymore.

Today, because of recent Google algorithm changes, you may find issues like duplicate contents becoming more important than before. Of course as mentioned, submitting good articles to directories can still help sending visitors to the websites for some time but you are recommended to turn to other methods for building stronger links for your website and promoting that through paid advertising solutions.

Used article submission you can easily creates a lots of backlinks and promote own business.

After Google’s Panda update Web 2.0 & article directories are the Top victims in Loosing Traffic . they were hosting duplicate content . they should strict their moderation policy to avoid these . if you have unique content then these directories will help .

This is true, at some level. I would suggest if you are building content links, aim to focus on a real community like squidoo, hubpages, that care for quality then quantity. Squidoo does a good job of taking care of junk content.

Great topic for discussion but please be sure to keep your answers on point to discussing the validity of the approach and not listing services [especially your own] to do it.

Surely article marketing is effective to get more traffic and get a high quality backlinks. Here need consider couple of things in article marketing such as web 2.0 directories article list for, content should be informative and attractive.


No, they are just a desperate attempt of an SEO jockey who’s ran out of odeas for backlinks & thinks adding an article to a never read directory of never read articles will some how magically pass value onto you site.

I think it would be better if you just posted your articles on your blog instead of passing them around directories that much. That would be a great advantage for your site. Anyway, if you really want to go with the article marketing thing, you should go to the sites where there are REAL content, and not with those sites that just let low-quality articles go through. Someone here has mentioned Squidoo. I would suggest the same.

Yes! Article marketing is very effective for promote your site.

Article Marketing is good for Some Extent. If we submit the same articles in no of directories there is no use of them. Use quality content and genuine content in different directories. So that some can generate good backlinks

Article marketing can supply as a method to increase your reliability and your reputation as an expert in your field. Through article marketing to make a strong relationship with your target audience. Article marketing brings the highest quality results to you.

Hi all, thank you for all your opinions! Surely, the traffic generation of a website cannot be brought only through one of some ways. For article marketing, the good content one may be very useful, but it is time cunsuming. I don’t know if it is worth spending much time on it.

Yes definitely article marketing is helpful to get the traffic to your site as well as to build the back link for your site. Here i mention some sites which will definitely give you traffic as well as back link if your article or content is not copy writing. It means your article must be unique.

If your articles are unique ones , In that case, Yes it’s a good strategy to gain targeted traffic and high quality backlinks but if you’re posting duplicate articles to many site, It gonna harm your site

Hi, Atcomaartb2b, thank you for the list and I will have a try.

I think that article marketing is a good way to bring in a new traffic. For my company this strategy worked very effective. Of course this is not really reflected on sales but we got higher level at SERP.