What is the reasons for the site ranking down?

Can anyone please help me to give good reply?

Google is very concerned about the quality of the content on a website and also quality of links pointing to your website. If your website does not offer valuable content to the visitors of your website then rest assured your website will not rank high and if it had a good page rank and google decided that the content on your website does not add value to users they will pull you down. In addition to that if you have spammed the internet with links to your website then you are going to be pulled down. It could also be that links to your websites come from websites that google has marked as bad and has punished them and as result you also fall a victim.

There might be a many reasons for Ranking Down. But Google believes in qualitative and fresh Content if your site have Good and qualitative content which contain some information, then Google with place it into top Ranking, apart from content there might be many reasons like Over optimized site, Duplicate content or optimizing site to manipulate Google Ranking all these kind of sites gets penalty.

Maybe its over optimized site or because of duplicate content.

if your site has no value, then surely your rank will go down as well as visitor too.

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There is lots of reasons for site ranking down like

  • Bulk Submissions of Site.
  • Lack of Quality Backlinks.
  • Lack of Unique Content.
  • Loose SEO Work etc


The reason is that you have been hit by google. Google actually penalizes who are using duplicate contents and then spamming unwanted backlinks. My suggestion is that you should use natural link building and dont overdo it like using any automated link building softwares. You should be very careful.

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