What is the reason for sudden decrease in Search engine ranking?

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Provide me the reason for above question as well as how to regain traffic

There could be any number of reasons.

Perhaps you have a new competitor or competitors whose sites simply rank higher than yours.

Perhaps you’ve been using bad SEO practices to manipulate your ranking, and the search engines have now noticed this and adjusted your ranking accordingly.

How to recover? Much the same way as how to gain a good ranking in the first place. Create high-quality, unique content and ensure you only use ethical practices in line with the search engines’ guidelines to promote it.


Reasons of Sudden Decrease in Search Engine Ranking

There are different kinds of factors that cause decrease in Search Engine Ranking.

Tracking Wrong Keywords

In the past few years people were searching for specific keyword but in today they are more using complete sentences to find out the required information.

Google Dance Updates

In Google Dance Updates there are certain factors such as from one location to another & from one computer to another affect Website Ranking in Search Engine Results.

Newbie Website

If you change the design of old website it might be chances that your website’s ranking suddenly drop. To deal with, you can use redirect 301 to boost the website ranking in majors search engines.

Low Quality Backlinks

If your website is gathering massive amount of low quality backlinks then Google treats them as a Spammy links and your website ranking decreases suddenly in search engine.

due to high competition and due to google some times review’s with respect to it’s algorithm,these reasons has major impact on ranking factor.

I completely agree with the @TechnoBear and @chimpstudiothemes. Sudden decrease in rankings may involve many factors.

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