Sudden Drop in ranking - getting no reason can some one help!

Dear Experts,
I was ranking for website design company at#7, Every update has helped me to Grow, all of sudden it started going down… went to 11th and further at 18.
I am sure I have never used any techniques which are unethical. Have taken care of Brand, Reputation, Link Velocity, Only ethical link building. Its shocking for me. Can some one help me to identify to get the reason for this sudden decrease! It Has happened within last 4 -5 days.
Thanks in advance!

Google has recently rolled out some big updates with their search algorithms and a lot of people are still struggling to find out what affected the ranking.

One thing I have observed, many sites have copied our content, Would be I victim for that.

Google has refreshed its data and because of that a lot of websites lost their rankings. It may take some time to settle down the rankings. It is better to keep working on building backlinks ethically and hope for the best.


Yes - if the sites in question are ranking above you. Check that for yourself by doing some sample searches. If one or more of the sites that copied your content appears above you, then you need to do something about that.

That said, it’s unlikely to explain a drop of 18 points. It’s possible that one or two of copying sites might have pushed you down a bit, but no more than that.