My website ranking suddenly goes down

I have a website and which is getting top position with our targeted keyword. But suddenly My website ranking goes down on 18/8/2017. And also i noticed that on google console link to my website are decreased from 1 lakh to 70000 apx.
So please help me and tell me what can i do?

Have you been using any techniques which Google might dislike?

From what you say, it seems that Google has judged a large number of your backlinks to be poor quality and disregarded them. If it considers that you have been participating in a link scheme, then your site may be penalised, but if that is the case, then I believe you should receive a notice from Google.

Ther are many reasons why your site’s position may change. It could be nothing to do with your site directly, but rather that your competitors have increased in number and/or quality and now appear above you.

I suggest you check for any penalty notices, and then check that you have not been violating Google’s guidelines.

The two things coinciding may suggest they are linked.
100,000 is a lot of links. Would it be cynical of me to suspect that they were largely not natural, organically created links and that is the very cause of your problems?


I checking link to my website. So, some site are unavailable which is highly linked with our website and also some link are banned from government.
That reason to ranking down?

Nobody can tell you exactly why your ranking has gone down; we can only suggest reasons. It’s up to you to look at the information you have and decide for yourself where the probable cause lies.

I’m not sure what you mean by [quote=“NehaSaxena, post:4, topic:274108”]
some link are banned from government.

but from what you’ve said, it does sound as if you have links from dubious sources. It may simply be that now Google has disregarded those links, and your site has dropped to the position it should have been in without them.

Have you seen this on your Search Console? If you go to Search Traffic - Search Analytics, it shows a gray line with a note from 14/8/2017. If you click on it, this comes up. The only thing that concerns me is that your traffic went down on 18th of August, not 14-15th.

If it’s not this the problem, perhaps you might have something more serious as discussed above.

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Are you not following valid off-page SEO techniques for gaining backlinks? Are you following any black hat SEO techniques, because it was mentioned that the links are banned?

This is exactly what I’m talking about.
And what does Google have to say about this kind of thing:-

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I was with this same problem as my site and how the answers of this post could solve some of them and make my site up in rank, thanks for the help, grateful.

I too faced the same situation it was the effect of google algo update. leave it and don’t don anything for two weeks and lets see later.

A few months back, I have also faced the same issue where my rankings dropped from 48 into somewhere around 170. I found two reasons which might have damaged my rankings.

  1. I did not use my keywords correctly:

While performing some off- page activities, by mistake I broke my keywords into parts and did not put the keywords correctly. Doing this confuses the search engines and the ranking might go down.

  1. Check out the on-page your website and change it if needed:

I have experienced this, after making on-page changes not only the rankings but the traffic of your website will be improved. Try to perform these techniques and then check your ranks.

Sorry, the day which my website ranking goes down is not 14/8/2017 but It’s a 14/7/2017

Have you managed to figure out what was the problem of your rankings going down?

Are the rankings still low or it’s getting better?

First of all don’t panic. Ups and downs are part of life. Now check whether you have posted something which is against google terms and conditions. Also check your number of broken links.Remove broken link as soon as possible because this may be a reason.
Now what you can do is link building try to get some good links from top blogs which supports Do-follow mechanism. This way you will definitely control everything and everything is alright.

Read the whole topic. It seems quite likely that the OP’s link building activities are the source of this problem, not the cure.
Creating links your self to attempt to manipulate Page Rank is considered a “Link Scheme” by Google and violates their guidelines.

Link schemes
Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

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I am talking about relevant link… Like for example someone is looking for Sports shoes and your site provides that product so you can easily set that link.The link must be related otherwise don’t use it. Also remove bad links as soon as possible

You are talking about setting links yourself, which it has already been explained is at best worthless, because search engines will simply disregard them, and at worst likely to get your site penalised for being involved in link schemes.

Reputable sites - the kind of sites you really want links from - will mark user-submitted links nofollow (as we do here), rendering them useless. You need to earn quality links, by having content other sites will choose to link to.

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I agree you are right

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